Easy diet swaps for a healthier, happier 2023(and a less tempting fridge!)

Easy diet swaps for a healthier, happier 2023(and a less tempting fridge!)

We’ve all got bad eating habits, whether it’s a low key obsession with sugar or a late night snacking habit. If 2023 is the year you get ripped, it’s gotta go!

Instead of running before you can walk and dramatically overhauling every single thing you eat (not sustainable and no fun), it is totally possible to swap your faves for healthier alternatives and meaningfully change your eating habits for huge results.

This is how to get healthier and happier in 2023 and cut the calories with low effort. No need to thank us!

Swap: Dried or preserved processed fruit snacks
For: Fresh fruit

Those cute little grab bags of raisins and dried apricots might look healthy but their hidden calorie content is a big shock. We’re serious, go check your kitchen cabinets right now and read the labels. Preserved, dried, and freeze dried bags of fruit like dates, apricots, peaches, figs, and raisins can sometimes contain hundreds of calories per 100g, especially if they’re covered in sugar.

That doesn’t mean dried fruit can’t be really good for you - it’s full of antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber - but you’ve got to check the packaging for sneaky added ingredients and loaded on calories. If you don’t, your ‘healthy’ mid-morning snack was basically candy. Fresh fruit will never let you down though, so try and swap your processed fruits out for grapefruits, apples, berries, and melon.

Swap: Chips and dips
For: Veggies and homemade dips

Sometimes our biggest food weaknesses hit us when we’re on the couch with very little to do. Movie night? A Netflix series? A little bored? Time to get those salty chips and high cal dips! We all know chips are high calorie and don’t even go there on the salt content! They’re also usually sold in big bags making them easier to overeat....no judgement, we’ve all been there.

Sliced veggies like carrot, bell peppers, cucumber, and celery are waaaay more interesting with low cal homemade dips like avocado hummus, anything made with natural yogurt, and light tomato salsa. They’re big on flavor, low on kcals and fat. Go forth and snack!

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Swap: Sweetened frappuccinos
For: Iced coffee

Change your next Starbucks order just a little and you could cut the calories from three figures to two. Most of our favourite iced lattes and frappuccinos contain gram upon gram of sugar and 300 to 500 calories per drink. The flavored syrups and high milk content have got to go, or at least be cut way down...

Order a plain iced coffee with 2% milk and your Starbucks will go down to 35 calories. That caffeine hit just got way more satisfying. Need a little more flavour or not a huge fan of bitter coffee? The Starbucks menu is customizable. Swap full fat milk for coconut milk, drop the cream topping, or reduce the number of syrup pumps and you’ll slash the calories in any drink on the menu.

Swap: Flavored oatmeal
For: Plain oatmeal (with your favorite natural toppings)

Oatmeal is the queen of breakfasts because it slowly releases energy and it’s low calorie and heart healthy. You can only go wrong if you buy pre-flavored, sweetened oatmeals. These varieties can more than double the calorie content and give you a sugar rush and bloating when you really need those slow, satisfying oats. They kinda taste like fruit but have none of its benefits.

Stock up on plain oatmeal and create your own toppings. Cinnamon, fresh fruit, peanut butter, chia seeds, almonds - take your pick!

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Swap: High calorie, high sugar condiments
For: Light condiments

Ketchup addict? Can’t even contemplate a sandwich without mayo? Every teaspoon of high calorie, high sugar condiments really adds up, but dropping them totally can make food really bland. Your new healthy diet is useless if you don’t actually want to eat it, right?

Check the labels in your fridge door and make some smart swaps. Lower calorie, vegetable-based ketchup can halve the calories and low cal mayo is just as delicious. Same goes for salad dressings and sauces. Time to switch it up!

We’re all hoping for a better 2023 (we’re so over 2022…) If taking control of your eating habits is going to make you happier and healthier in the new year and beyond, these easy diet swaps are perfect for getting you started.

Have an awesome 2023!
Love, Vanna xoxo

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