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If you are looking for the product that can help firm your skin and smooth your stretch marks, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you earned battle lines from pregnancy or weight loss, there is a gel that can help contour your body and give you the shape you are working for. Strict diets and heavy workout regimens don’t repair trouble areas, which is why we created our gels as the assistance you need to reach your goals. With ingredients like caffeine, camphor and menthol, you are sure to notice fresher, firmer and silkier skin. After just a short period of use, our clients notice an improved tightness to their skin and reduced stretch marks. These items are commonly used on the stomach, thighs, hips and areas prone to flaccid skin. You will also find our contouring massager and our 24 hr firming & reduction system here, both are shown- to help tone your problem areas. They work to fight areas with fatty deposits under the skin by massaging and smoothing. On the go? No worries, keep up with your reduction regimen- our Gel-V travel size offers an easy to carry container that stores your gel. Slip it into your purse, or suitcase and you are prepared for use anywhere. And finally, V-Glow, our indoor and outdoor tanning lotion. Everyone will be asking you: "Did you just get back from South Beach?"