What is the Vanna Belt Affiliate Network?

The Vanna Belt Affiliate Program enables you to make money by referring customers to the Vanna Belt website. Each time your site refers a customer, and that customer makes a purchase on our site, you will earn a commission!

What's in it for me, my site or social media profile, and my audience?

Earn up to 10%+ commission with a 30-day cookie window! You get a commission on all sales that take place after you send someone to https://www.vannabelt.com/. How much does it cost to become a Vanna Belt affiliate? It is absolutely free to apply and participate in our affiliate program! How do I get started?Complete the Online Application. You will receive an instant e-mail confirming the receipt of your application. We will review your application as soon as possible! Once approved, ShareASale will send you an email containing your User ID and Password. Then, log in and you will have access to automatically generated HTML that you can cut and paste directly into your site as well as our text links and banner advertisements. Then you will get paid!

What is ShareASale?

ShareASale is the fastest-growing affiliate marketing platform in North America, offering standout solutions and diverse partnership opportunities that drive results. ShareASale has been a pure-play affiliate marketing network, successfully growing its business by nurturing relationships, building cutting-edge technology, and guiding clients to success in affiliate marketing since 2000. As a leading network in the US, ShareASale is known as a fair and ethical business partner with a goal of supporting performance-based partnerships.How do I grab affiliate links from ShareASale and promote them on my website or social channels?Watch this instructions video on how to grab affiliate links from ShareASale!

You will want to begin by applying for merchant programs to promote on the network; you can do this by going to Merchants at the top of the homepage from within your account > Search for Merchants.Once you have applied to a merchant account you may notice that your application status is pending. ShareASale gives merchants the final say as to whom they let into their programs and some merchants choose to screen affiliates. To view the status of approval into a particular merchant program go to Reports (at the top of the homepage) > Merchant Summary. You may also contact merchants directly about your status and any other questions from the Merchant Summary report by clicking contact.When you have been approved for a merchant program you can begin promoting them on your website by posting links and banners. You may get links by going to Links (at the top of the homepage) > Get a Link/ Banner. Click Get Links under the merchant program you would like to use. This will bring you to a page with all the creatives this merchant has to offer. You will want to post these links in the HTML-friendly area of your website.In this tutorial, they cover lots of important information, including how to get started, how to search for new Merchant partners, how payments work, which reports are most helpful, and even an introduction to some of their favorite tools: Watch Tutorial

My affiliate link is too long for Instagram and I keep receiving an error. What do I do?

You probably just need to shorten your link! Affiliates can use any link shortener, they just need to have the complete tracking URL. We typically recommend bit.ly. See more info about that below:“Make sure you use the tracking URL which is the first URL in any Advertising Affiliate Network affiliate link which is within a set of quotation marks. Use the complete URL after a href = but not including the quotation marks. You can then copy and paste this tracking link into your favorite link shortener, such as goo.gl or bit.ly to use in social media promotions on your customized social media site, website, or blog). By using a unique bit.ly or goo.gl link for each social media platform, you'll be able to see where your clicks are coming from in your bit.ly or goo.gl account reporting.

”The application asks for Primary Website Information, but I only have an Instagram or TikTok account. What do I use?

If you are applying as a social media creator, please put your profile URL in the URL prompt. For example, Watch Tutorial would be our URL on Instagram. Answer all of the other questions as they apply to your social media account!

Ambassador Program    

 If you currently have over 10k followers on Instagram and would like to start earning commissions you now can through our ambassador program. This program offers you a personalized promocode with higher earning potential. This program consists of generating original content posted on your Instagram. You are welcome to create demos with our products, fitness videos, and tips and add your promocode. Vanna Belt reserves the right to repost your content on their Instagram and tag you along with adding your promocode to the post. Any purchase made with your promocode will earn you commissions based on the following commission structure.    

Ambassador Commission


If you have over 10k followers on instagram and are interested in becoming a Vanna Belt ambassador please send us a DM to @vannabelt on instagram

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