4 Awesome Treatments That Say Goodnight To Your Cellulite

4 Awesome Treatments That Say Goodnight To Your Cellulite

Nearly everyone has cellulite. You have it (that’s why you’re reading this blog, right?), your friends have it, your mom has it. 95% of women have cellulite, and if you’re not in that lucky 5%, you’ve probably noticed it mainly appear on your butt and thighs. As if we needed another reason to make bikinis terrifying!

There’s nothing abnormal about it at all, but a lot of us are looking for clever ways to get rid of it. It’s impossible to make it go away completely, but you can reduce it with these 4 effective treatments.

4 awesome treatments that say goodnight to your cellulite

What kind of cellulite do you have? (There are 3 types you know…) Understanding the type of cellulite you have is the first step to reducing it!

Adipose cellulite is only visible when you pinch your skin. It’s caused by a lack of activity and a not great diet, meaning it’s the easiest to get rid of!

Aqueous cellulite is harder to the touch and looks like orange peel even when you don’t pinch your skin. It’s caused by bad blood circulation and water retention.

Fibrotic cellulite lives deep in the fat cells. It’s the least common and can feel hard or even painful when pinched.

Keep it moving!

Cellulite loves it when we stay on the couch. By staying active, you’ll get your blood pumping to improve circulation and fight those dimply fat cells at the same time.

You can do anything as long as it ups your daily movement. Pure cardio isn’t always enough, so if you want to take a more targeted approach, anything that works out your hamstrings and thigh area is cellulite’s public enemy number one.

4 Awesome Treatments That Say Goodnight To Your Cellulite

Use turbo-powered potions

Get lots of bang for your buck with the V-Kit 24 Hour system. It includes two gels - one to tighten loose skin and one to fight cellulite. Apply Gel-V pre and post workout, and Gel-V Hot at night before bed. Their nature-based ingredients - caffeine, green tea extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf extract and more - have a hugely positive impact on the skin’s texture and firmness.

4 awesome treatments that say goodnight to your cellulite

These fabulous ladies are already seeing amazing results with Gel-V...

I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks and I can already tell a difference. I feels like I’m giving a warm hug goodbye to my cellulite. - Estefany.

My stretch marks don't look as harsh! My cellulite is minimal! Honestly thank you Vanna for these amazing products. - Maria.

It left my skin beyond smooth and soft and feeling new...after a few weeks my cellulite was barely visible. - Cristina.

Get your hands on the V-Kit 24 Hour System to get the same incredible results.

Find an excuse to pamper yourself...

It’s not all work and no play - some of our pamper products can help too. Scrubbing and smoothing the skin improves circulation, which also helps the skin deeply absorb your Gel-V products.

In the shower, use the bristle side of the V-Glove, starting at your ankles and sweep the product in upward motions until you reach your hips. On the tummy, apply in circles for a few seconds, and then sweep again up to your heart to stimulate blood flow. Once you’ve dried off, apply Gel-V Hot in the same motion with the other side.

4 awesome treatments that say goodnight to your cellulite

You’ve seen all these celebrities trying cupping right? Now you can do the same for just $7.99! The V-Cup uses simple suction to stimulate collagen, promote anti-aging, smooth and tone dimpled skin, improve circulation, and even provide pain relief for muscle soreness.

Start stimulating those cells with the V-Cup and V-Glove.

Glow inside and out with a few small lifestyle changes

You don’t need to move to a super healthy celebrity yoga commune to make a big difference to your skin. As well as maintaining a balanced diet with plenty of protein and greens, drinking more green tea and eating less salt both help to reduce cellulite. Green tea keeps you hydrated, and cutting down on salt reduces water retention.

As well as making you feel amazing, a healthy tan also reduces the appearance of cellulite. The V-Glow Shimmering Indoor and Outdoor Tanning Lotion gives you that South Beach glow you’ve been craving. Its unique reflective properties intensify the tanning process for a faster darker tan, and it smells like pomegranate!

Get your tan on with V-Glow.

Watch Vanna’s cellulite-fighting nighttime routine!

After years of trying every fad diet and workout, Vanna has found what makes her feel good inside and out. Vanna’s cellulite reduction advice includes what to drink, what to use on your skin, how to improve circulation, and what makes an impact in the gym.

“People often feel frustrated when they’re working really hard and stubborn cellulite is still there. If there are little things keeping you from achieving your final goal, that’s where my products come in handy.”

We want to see the amazing results you’re getting from Gel-V! Share your progress on Instagram and tag @vannabelt. We share all our favorites 💖.

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