3 steps to ‘bounce back’ after birth at your own pace

3 steps to ‘bounce back’ after birth at your own pace

Okay so we’ve gotta say something before we start. The pressure to ‘bounce back’ after your baby can be super unhelpful, especially because ever mamma has a totally different body and a totally different pregnancy and birth experience. The last thing you need is to push yourself to change your body super quickly when it’s already been through so much.

It’s also true though that a lot of mammas look in the mirror after pregnancy and do not remotely recognise the body that they see, which can be really tough. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to change that reflection and feel your absolute best.

This is the only 3-step plan you need to transform the skin texture of your midsection and shrink those inches. Ready to go?

Straight after birth: Start healing your stretch marks and loose skin

We probs don’t have to tell you but your skin stretches a lot during pregnancy. 9 months of stretching can create our old friend stretch marks, and make your stomach look super saggy months (and even years!) after you give birth. 

Exercise and diet is super important - we’re gonna get to those later - but they don’t tackle loose skin and stretch marks. You need something specialized and targeted. 

Gel-V is clinically tested and proven to fight loose skin and stretch marks and you can start using it immediately after birth. Moms like you and they saw these incredible results:

  • 80% of women noticed their stretch marks became lighter.
  • 77% of women saw a reduction in loose skin on their midsection.
  • 90% of women agreed that their abdominal skin felt more moisturized.

  • Gel-V is formulated specifically to target those postpartum skin problems you really wanna get rid of. You don’t have to live with those stretch marks and saggy skin, Gel-V is the treatment!

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    2 months after birth: Shape your body and drop inches under any outfit

    So you’re 2 months (or a little later) after birth. Your body has done a lot of natural changing, you’ve got a lot on your plate with a new baby, and none of your clothes look good anymore...

    It’s traumatic! We’ve got a little something to help you. The V-Body is a lightweight and super comfy full body trimmer you can start wearing 2 months after birth. It trims and slims your silhouette in all the right places, helping you and your body out when your postpartum weight loss journey is taking a little time.

    Here’s what it’s got:

    • Powernet compression technology for a snug fit
    • Wear it under anything! 
    • Appearance of firmer, smoother midsection and slimmer legs
    • Adds volume and shape to your booty

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    2 months and beyond: Start seeing some real changes all over

    Nothing’s stopping you now, you go girl! 2 months and beyond is when you can start to turn your good habits into real results. This is your secret weapon.

    The V-Kit Plus Training System 2.0 is everything you need to create that gorgeous hourglass shape AND fight loose skin and stretch marks. It contains some of our top bestsellers, including:

    • Gel-V to reduce measurements, firm skin, and heal appearance of stretch marks
    • V-Belt 2.0 to instantly reduce the waist by 2-3 inches.
    • V-Glove to massage Gel-V into your skin and boost circulation.

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    Oh wait, that’s not all! Some extra tips to help you ‘bounce back’

    We’ve got even more for you girl. 

    3 snacks to help you shed postpartum pounds

    A long-term weight loss plan that stays off needs to include lean proteins, fiber, healthy fats, and lots of fruits and veggies. These three snacks are delicious, essential if you wanna drop pounds, and full of extra benefits. 

  • Plain Greek yogurt. With fruit, with chopped nuts and seeds, or use it as a low fat ingredient. This high protein, high healthy fat food can do pretty much anything.
  • Nut butters. Peanut butter and other nut butters are gonna fill you up fast, work with all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and will massively increase your daily nutrients, fat and protein. Keep your quantities strict though!
  • Eggs. Good ol’ reliable eggs. Scramble ‘em, omelete ‘em, poach ‘em. They’re an instant guilt-free source of protein and flavor.

  • 3 workouts to help you shrink & tighten your mom pouch


    Whether you’re starting slow or ready to pump it in a high intensity class, these three workouts are essential additions to your routine.

  • Bicycle crunches. Engage every single stomach muscle by touching opposite elbows and knees together as you come up during crunches. 
  • Windshield wipers. This is a tough one but you’ll be addicted once you get the hang of it. Lie on your back, hold your legs up at 90 degrees, then move them back and forth like a wiper.
  • Scissor kicks. Can you say exhausting??? Lie down with your arms flat on the floor, engage that core and scissor your legs. 

  • Ready to bounce back? Hard work and a healthy lifestyle will help you achieve your goal. Whatever pace you’re working at, this three step program is essential for transforming your post-baby body and feeling awesome. Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t. You CAN and you WILL!

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