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BRAS that Leave You
with side Bulges,
Back Fat, and Zero Lift
Have Got to Go!

V-BRA offers a non-padded and non-foam cup that gives you full coverage and support without adding to your bust size.


THERE'S NOTHING WORSE than slipping into your favorite top or dress, and doing a spin in front of the mirror, and seeing bra bulges and backfat.

Even worse is when you do a double take and realize your bra is giving you zero lift, too.

What's a girl to do?

You could replace your entire closet with looser fitting clothing but that would be so expensive
(and you love your clothes)!

You could start a new workout routine to try and target your upper body, but who knows how long it would take to see results.

v-bra product
Or you could put on your V-BRA and get instant back smoothing and upper body shaping comfort!

V-Bra is Made for Anyone Who Wants
Extra Upper Body Smoothing & Support

The V-Bra offers full back coverage for women who want a back smoothing and upper body shaping bra that is comfortable to wear all day long!

3 hook closure bra

3 hook closure

so you can adjust the bra for your perfect fit.

full back coverage bra

Full back coverage

to smooth out back and side rolls.

adjustable bra strap


shoulder straps.

soft touch fabric

Soft-touch fabric

that is comfortable for all-day wear.

upper body shaping bra

Upper body shaping

so you can adjust the bra for your perfect fit.

non padded bra


and non-foam cup.

non padded bra

What Makes V-BRA So Special?

Smooth, Seamless, and Shaping.

I created V-BRA because I spoke with so many women who told me they wanted a full coverage bra that offered shaping!

The truth is, no matter what your size, no one likes the look of bra bulges or back fat, so I started working on creating a shaper bra.

The V-BRA is designed specifically to smooth away side bulges and back fat so you have a totally smooth and seamless look under your favorite tops and dresses!

V Bra size