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The Crystal V-Sweat
Angelina Garcia
So Comfy!

Literally my favorite V-belt ! Super comfy yet firm and gets the job done! I love wearing it at the gym for the extra back support. Also able to wear under my nurse scrubs without anyone noticing. I started with a size LARGE and now ordering my next one in a Medium! Can’t wait to reach size small !!

The Crystal V-Sweat
Malika Propios
Holy grail

I love the crystal V-sweat! It’s got the comfort and sweat material of the original V-sweat but the squeeze of the V-belt. Plus the front is longer for that mommy pooch but the back is shorter so it’s not smashing the top of my butt. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND

Water Drop
A lifesaver!

Okay so I was doing some research because I had surgery almost two years ago and I’m still bloated. Turns out I have surgical edema! Bloat lasting this long keeps me in the house and staying covered up. These pills were back in stock so I purchased three bottles, I have only used them for a day and my abdomen and face have gone down substantially! I am SHOCKED but then again not really because duh it’s Vanna products we’re talking here. I cannot wait until the bottles are gone. 😭

Black Lauren
Great customer service, still using and waiting to see results

Been using for about a month, and I love it! It feels minty and good on my skin and I like to think it’s firming my skin! I put it on before workouts and also after I shower before bed. The customer service was really helpful. The post office delivered my gel v to another house and I never received it. There was a two days of me running around trying to find this package and after going back and forth with customer service, they sent me a new bottle! I’m very grateful for that! I hope to see results and I’ll definitely come back after I use it more! Thank you!

Diana Madrigal
So soft like a feather

Been using this shampoo over a month now. Loving the results. Leaves my hair so soft and I also noticed my hair doesn't fall as much as it did before. I'm in love with this product 😍.

Postpartum And During Pregnancy

Yes yes yes this oil works! Feels good when applying it to my belly back and thighs. Didn't have a lot of stretch marks on my belly after pregnancy probably because in used so much of the Vody Oil! My niece was trying to use it too lol. I need more today so I'll be ordering it soon✌🏾 I love Vanna Belt!!

Dayana Hernandez Castillo

After getting Covid multiple times and with the stress of daily life I began loosing my hair in clumps I was so scared to shower or brush my hair often and was trying multiple products until I gave this shampoo a try and I was amazed at how fast it helped my hair. I began feeling my hair get stronger and seeing a lot of baby hairs come in and the amount of hairs on my brush have seriously reduced immensely.

Rubi Aviles
Love it!!!

The best of the best I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and I can definitely see the difference , my stretch marks looks less than before!

Gel-V Hot
Catherine Miranda

I’ve used this product since 2015 after having my second pregnancy. If you stay consistent and apply as instructed it works great! I love it 10/10.

Butt- liVt
Stephanie Jones
So good!!!

This is the best butt lifter garment you will ever find. It stays in places. Lifts and tucks in all the right places. I love it!

Rita Torres
Shiny and soft

I really love the shampoo! I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. It makes my hair really shiny and soft. Even my husband noticed and loves the soft feeling. I have two bald spots on each side of my head, in the front. I see hair starting to grow there. I will continue to use the shampoo. I can't wait for the conditioner to come out. Thank you!

Mother of 5!

Absolutely love all Vannabelt products and supplements.
From waist trimmers to V Tox to Trim V
They have continued to help with dropping all of my postpartum baby weight more than once and will continue to faithfully purchase.

Marie Calderon

Love these. Gives me great energy no cravings. Had helped me with my weight loss journey.

Butt- liVt
Stephanie Raspall
Amazing Butt-liVt

If you're thinking of purchasing this item- this is your sign to BUY IT. I mostly bought it because I wanted it too flatten up my lower stomach while wearing a tight dress or a skirt. This felt like MAGIC when I first wore it. The compliments I received also were amazing. I was so happy with my purchase. I love the confidence it gave me the second I put it on. What a GAME CHANGER. Every woman needs one of these. Does not roll down and so comfortable! The BEST!

Butt- liVt
Elizabeth Peña
Feels amazing

Amazing, very comfortable. Love it.

Gel-V Hot
Nixsa Cortes

Great product, I love it!

Penny DeRenobe
A must have

If your on a journey to look your best you need to add this one . It's very comfortable and can been easily worn throughout the day.

I swear this works!

I have been using GelV for about 7 years now on and off.

I’ve lost a total of 120 pounds and have minimal excess skin. My stretch marks are super light but of-course still there. You just have to really look or care to see them! I will attach photos trust the process and trust GalV it’s magic 🤍

Jimena Peralta
I love GEL-V

Customer since 2014! Gel-V is by far my favorite product! It truly does work and the price is reasonable!!

Butt-Livt 1.0
Raquel Rodriguez
Buy it!!!

Love it! My butt has never looked better and I love the compression, definitely for us short girls that the other butt lift was a tad too long. I can’t wait for her to make it in nude!!!!

Ruby Sanchez

Longtime customer, works so well!

Olivia Hernandez Reyes
Returned customer

This is my second time purchasing. I had gone down a size but went up again and had given my LG faja away. Working my way back to a MD. Very happy with my purchase.

Leticia Bolorin
Fits Great

I have been using V-belts for over 7 years now. This is the absolute best V- Vest I have ever had! The BEST! I wear this daily. Wear this with your workouts and you will see your body transform.

Smells good and works great

I really like this scrub. It smell so good and works great. It goes hand and hand with the gel v gels. Also get the cup too. You won’t be disappointed. It makes the application of the gels so much better

V-ody Oil
Shay Blount
The only oil you will ever need!

I keep re- ordering this one! I love the scent, the lightness of the oil, and it has replaced my lotion for sure. The V-ody oil makes my skin hydrated and happy. Makes a great massage oil as well! I highly recommend!!!