I see many people killing themselves at the #gym, but always remember its not the amount you do, but precisely what you do and how you do it that makes #booty sculpting workouts count. In order to continuously keep my body improving I try to challenge myself with different exercises. I work my glutes out with #gelv 3x a week to #lift, firm and prevent dimple like areas.

However, I can’t help but emphasize how these workouts need to go hand in hand with cardio. If you’re already at your weight goal but need to increase more #muscle mass in your booty and other areas you need to definitely engage in a little more weight training.

If you’re looking to lose #weight you need to burn more with cardio while #toning with weight training. I reached my desired body purely with fasted#cardio with #gelv and then I do everyday a different workout to tone each area.

Remember that you need to eat and workout according to your goals and the #body you want. Always have #gelv by your side to help those slow to respond areas GEL-V.COM

Outfit: Gel-V Belt

Trainer: @sommer__love

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