What are the best postpartum weight loss tips?

What are the best postpartum weight loss tips?

You’ve created a human! You’re amazing! As if carrying and giving birth to a baby wasn’t life changing enough, many moms are left with extra pounds and skin they really don’t want after they give birth. Your body probably looks and feels completely different now it’s done this huge, incredible thing, in both good and bad ways.

You’re probably super eager to shake off the extra weight and shrink back to your pre-baby weight, or even get in better shape than before, but postpartum weight gain is different and a little bit harder to lose. Add new baby responsibilities and lots of complicated hormones into the mix and you’ve got even more tough stuff to balance.

What are the best postpartum weight loss tips? Losing postpartum weight for good IS possible. You can totally do it! Making changes to your diet, exercising more, and staying motivated are all essential in your postpartum weight loss plan, just like losing weight before your baby. There are other important things you should do though.

This is how to lose weight postpartum and keep it off.

What causes postpartum weight gain?

Hands up who had crazy pregnancy cravings. Even if you didn’t find yourself eating mustard from the jar or dipping pickles in yogurt, your eating habits probably changed while you were pregnant to support the growth of your baby. Some of those habits might have stuck around even though you don’t have to feed your baby with your own diet anymore. This can add extra weight that’s harder to lose after your pregnancy.

Your body gains more than just the baby’s weight during pregnancy. You’ll lose extra fluids, blood, and the placenta during birth, which can add up to 12 pounds on average! You’ll keep losing fluids for about a week after birth so your weight could change dramatically in a short period.

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) say it’s super common for moms to lose around 20 pounds in the month after birth. It can take around 6 weeks for your uterus to shrink back to its normal size too, which will affect how round your stomach looks. So the good news is the first part of your postpartum weight loss plan is effortless. Avoid hopping on the scales in the immediate weeks after birth because it’s not going to give you an accurate picture - there are still more pounds to lose naturally!

What about breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding moms are advised to eat more calories to help produce milk and breastfeeding will sometimes help them lose weight faster. It’s not a strict rule though and postpartum weight loss can fluctuate - don’t feel like you’re failing if you don’t think you’re losing weight fast enough.

Your body is going through rapid changes and they’re different for every mom. Go easy on yourself and give it some time. No one’s postpartum weight loss timeline runs smoothly.

What is it exactly making my stomach look like this?

Your body stretched a lot while you were pregnant and you’ll have gained weight too, which is exactly what you should have done so don’t feel bad about it. Pinky promise?

Your body worked hard to make a baby. Hormones, stretched skin, weight gain - it all has an impact on how you look and feel during and after pregnancy, even months and years after.

If you gave birth over the last few months, remember that your body still has some shrinking and changing to do on its own. If you gave birth over a year ago, you’re in the best position to start making changes yourself.

Your postpartum weight loss plan: Right after birth!

You can get to work right after birth with Gel-V. Your skin obviously goes through A LOT when you’re pregnant. It stretches throughout the 9 months and its elasticity will inevitably change as a result. Moms can find themselves looking at a stomach that is nothing like it was before, and while exercise and diet is really important, it doesn’t tackle loose skin itself or stretch marks.

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Gel-V is clinically tested and proven to fight loose skin and stretch marks. We tested it with women like you and they saw these awesome results:

  • 80% of women noticed their stretch marks became lighter.
  • 77% of women saw a reduction in loose skin on their midsection.
  • 90% of women agreed that their abdominal skin felt more moisturized.

Gel-V is formulated with nature-based ingredients and targets postpartum skin complaints. You don’t have to live with them, there is a treatment!

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Your postpartum weight loss plan: 2 months after birth

If you’re reading this thinking postpartum weight loss is gonna take forever, you’re sort of right (sorry!) It does take time and there are no quick fixes, but there are ways to see better results FASTER. Like this!

The V-Body is a lightweight, comfy full body trimmer you can start wearing 2 months after birth. It enhances your silhouette and trims and slims in all the right places, giving your confidence a little boost while you’re working through your postpartum weight loss timeline.

  • Powernet compression technology for a snug fit
  • Appearance of firmer, smoother midsection and slimmer legs
  • Adds volume and shape to your booty

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Your postpartum weight loss plan: Beyond 2 months

Now you’re hitting your stride. 2 months and beyond is when you can really start seeing changes to your postpartum body.

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The V-Kit Plus Training System 2.0 is everything you need to fight loose skin AND sculpt your postpartum stomach. Hourglass here you come! It includes some of our top bestsellers that V-Babes are always trying to get their hands on, including:

  • Gel-V to reduce measurements, firm skin, and heal appearance of stretch marks
  • V-Belt 2.0 to instantly reduce the waist by 2-3 inches.
  • V-Glove to massage Gel-V into your skin and boost circulation.

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How to lose weight postpartum

A healthy diet is everything. The ACOG say you need to remember three main things when creating your postpartum weight loss plan:

  • You still need enough calories to keep going all day.
  • What you eat should contain all the vitamins and minerals you need.
  • Fad diets are a no-no because they’re not sustainable. You need energy, girl!

When you’re trying to eat a well-balanced rainbow (for your body and not just for the ‘gram), it’s important to look at the nutritional value of everything you eat rather than just the fat content or the calories.

There’s nothing automatically wrong with convenient diet foods and plans, and some can be a really organized and easy way for new moms that want to know how to lose weight postpartum, but always check the packaging for those hidden sugars, salts, and weird ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

The ‘This is low fat!’ labels can be a little deceptive and even make you feel hungry again half an hour after lunch...

Your postpartum weight loss plan: Diet and food

What you eat is super important but when you eat has a big impact too. If you’re always taking your kids places, have a busy work life, or travel a lot for whatever reason, you don’t want to rely on takeout and convenience.

Stopping at Starbucks or a fast food place can mean adding hundreds of calories to your daily intake and getting very little energy or nutrition in return. Even the snacks that look like healthy options can be full of sugar, salt, and fat.

Instead of grabbing what you can when you’re hungry, your postpartum weight loss timeline has got to include easy, accessible, and portable snacks.

Fruit, nuts and vegetable based snacks are some of the easiest to prepare ahead of time and take with you wherever you go, so you can skip the drive-thru and reach for your tupperware like the super organized queen you are!

When you’ve finished breastfeeding you can take Trim-V, which burns fat faster and stands up to your food cravings. Take just two capsules with water and food daily and you’ll promote fat loss, increase your metabolism, improve appetite control, boost your energy levels, and help focus.

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How to lose weight postpartum: The essential healthy foods

A healthy and successful long term postpartum weight loss plan will include lots of lean proteins like chicken, fish, and tofu, fiber-rich foods like fruit, vegetables, and grains, and healthy sources of fat like olive oil and natural yogurt.

Lean proteins you’ll love

Take that bland chicken breast off the menu! There are so many protein-rich foods and they’re all awesome bases for a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re eating a plant based diet you don’t have to miss out either. They keep you feeling full for way longer than processed snacks too. Try these:

  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Fish
  • Tofu
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Beans/legumes

Time to get your fiber

We all know that fiber is essential for normal, healthy digestion but it’s great for overall health and weight loss too. Another essential for good digestion (as well as everything else from great skin to better sleep) is water! You’ll also feel way less bloated if you fill your diet with these:

  • Wholegrains
  • Fresh fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Beans and pulses
  • Potatoes
  • Nuts and seeds

Need a little help? Drink your greens with V-Tox. This delicious and super healthy green juice is an easy way to get a healthy dose of five fruits and veggies, as well as fiber, with basically zero effort.

Drink it daily and you’ll feel fuller longer, improve your digestion, AND fight fatigue. It’s a busy momma’s dream.

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Healthy fats you need right now

Ignore the dieting advice that pushes ‘fat free’ everything. Your body needs fat, particularly monounsaturated fatty acids, so don’t feel like you’ve got to cut it out altogether. Your kitchen should be stocked with these:

  • Avocados
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Salmon
  • Chia seeds
  • Nuts
  • Coconuts
  • Olive oil and coconut oil
  • Natural yogurt

Your postpartum weight loss timeline: Exercise

You don’t necessarily have to wait a super long time to exercise after birth. If you were already working out pretty regularly and your birth was uncomplicated, your doctor will probably give you the thumbs up to start doing light exercise when you feel ready.

If your birth was a little more complex or you had a C-section, you might have to wait a few weeks or months. Your doctor will be able to give you a safe date to resume or kickstart your workouts. If in doubt, always ask. They’re there to help and they can guide you to the safest way to workout.

Short and regular workouts

Small, regular workouts are going to be your best friend in the early days. There’s nothing wrong with starting slow! You’re gonna be glued to your baby for the first weeks and months, so ease yourself in by focusing on exercise you can do together - walks, home workouts, or yoga. Who needs a kettlebell when you’ve got a 9lb baby, right?

Postpartum workouts you’ll love

To make sure you’re doing a workout that’s most suitable for your postpartum weight loss plan, look for postpartum workouts, yoga, pilates, and stretches.

If you’re going to classes too, tell your instructor or teacher and they’ll show you how to adapt exercises and look after your postpartum body.

Postpartum classes and mom and baby classes are an awesome idea if you’re able to go, mainly because you’re going to be surrounded by other moms going through the same stuff and you won’t feel as much pressure to keep up.

Drink lots of water

This is obviously important for whoever is exercising and whenever they’re doing it, but it’s especially important when you’re breastfeeding. Drink lots, find your most supportive bra, and nothing can stop you! (Except maybe a crying baby that needs attention right now…)

Build up the intensity as you get stronger

Even if you were pretty strong before, you’re probably not going to be able to get straight back into things and that’s okay. Set yourself small, achievable goals and keep working at them.

Long-term strength, flexibility, and stomach toning comes from gradual, consistent exercise, not 20 minutes of pure exhaustion every 2 weeks. Pace yourself and you’ll get there.

Want to speed up your postpartum weight loss timeline? We’ve got just the thing. The V-Sweat durable wraparound belt amps up your body’s thermogenic process while you workout, accelerating the results you really want to see.

It uses sweat to enhance your results during moderate to intense workouts, gives your back extra support when you’re lifting, and even comes in two sizes for longer and shorter torsos for a perfect fit!

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Build a routine around you and your baby

If you force yourself to workout first thing in the morning when there are too many distractions, or you wait until night time and you’re too exhausted, your routine probably isn’t working. There’s nothing wrong with making exercise as easy and low effort as possible, it’s actually really smart.

Choose days and times that genuinely work and be prepared to adapt a little or scrap the routine and change it up - babies are known for their unpredictability!

Give yourself a hand

Physical workouts are predominantly mental. People often forget this. If you’re not in it mentally, your body will want to stop and give up. It’s not always about how much your body can do, it’s about how much you can motivate yourself to do.

A negative attitude or mean voice in your head is not going to work, it’s always really not what you need when you’re going through a lot of changes as a mother and your hormones are up and down.

The most important thing to remember about your postpartum weight loss plan? You do you!

Wherever you are in your pregnancy, we hope you’re feeling ready to kickstart that postpartum weight loss timeline. Here’s a little recap:

  • Your body’s going to do a lot of important stuff on its own, so don’t rush it.
  • Always talk to your doctor about exercising after pregnancy. They’re the experts!
  • Your diet needs all those essential, yummy food groups. No starvation, please…
  • Your workout routine needs to work for YOU. No one else.

We have tons of products that can help you accelerate results and get the skin and body you deserve. So many of our V-Babes are moms, both brand new and super experienced, and they’ve been through exactly the same things. Join the Vanna Belt community over on Insta at @vannabelt and look and feel your best.

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