Mornings aren’t always a breeze, but having a healthy routine can help turn even the worst morning around. In this post Vanna is sharing her top tips for putting together a routine that gets you out of bed and motivated to achieve your goals each day!

1. Let in the Light

Let in the Light
Start your mornings off by opening your window curtains and letting light fill your room! Without light, your body’s clock will still think it’s the nighttime and not get the appropriate jumpstart it needs.

2. Words of Affirmation

Words of Affirmation

Your mornings will only be as good as you decide they are. Start each day with a positive thought! Whether this means restating your daily goals, meditating, or just reminding yourself how awesome you are (which you are!) — this step is essential for a purposeful and productive morning!

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3. Hydrate Early & Often

Hydrate Early & Often

Drinking water or juice right as you wake up will immediately cleanse and rid your body of toxins. In addition to water, Vanna likes to take a shot of apple cider vinegar!

Why would she do such a thing? The cider is proven to help your digestive system, aid in weight loss, and boost your metabolism!

 4. Fuel Up

Having a healthy breakfast is key in energizing your body for the day’s activities. Studies have shown that breakfasts higher in protein, and lower in glycemic index, give you higher energy levels and a faster metabolism! Don’t forget to take a serving of Trim-V with your meal!

 5. Exercise in the Morning

Exercise in the Morning

Massage on some Gel-V, make sure you’ve put on your V-Belt, and get movin’!

Not only does exercising in the morning provide some much-needed natural boosts of endorphins, morning workouts can easily be made a part of your daily routine, as well as help you feel fuller throughout the day in comparison to afternoon workouts.

Also, who doesn’t love feeling strong and accomplished at the start of their day!?


Hydrate with hot water and lemon (good for the digestive system) and play your favorite music to get ready with.

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