Tone and tighten! 4 damn good ways to get rid of flabby arms and back fat

Tone and tighten! 4 damn good ways to get rid of flabby arms and back fat

Can we talk about spaghetti straps for a minute? If yours have been folded up in your closet for a while, it’s time to show them the light of day. It’s time to get those *deep breath* upper arms out.

It’s not all about the arms either. You might live in fear of your back fat, but that doesn’t mean half your summer wardrobe should have police tape around it...

Flabby arms and back rolls are FINISHED. We’ve got 4 genius ways to fight them. Scroll down to get in on the secret. Keep reading to find out!

Work your arms and your whole body too!

You’ve been at the gym for months, but you’re wondering why your arms don’t look like Michelle Obama’s yet? Lifting every kettlebell you can find isn’t going to do it, girl. We’re sorry to break it to you. The best arm-toning exercises use your entire body. We’re talking planks, push-ups, tricep kickbacks, and tricep dips.

A lot of exercises that seem to just be working your arms and abs are actually doing amazing things for your back too. Dumbbell rows, pull ups, and even 5-10 hardcore minutes on a bike machines will shred that back fat.

Work your arms and your whole body too

Give your skin cells something to smile about

Your skin could be really mad at you right now and you wouldn’t even know! You moisturise, you tan, you might even get regular massages, but there’s one huuuge thing you’re missing.

You’ve got to feed your skin cells to tone up those problem areas. Gel-V Body Firming & Stretch Mark Appearance Fading Gel uses nature-based ingredients to improve elasticity and the appearance of those annoying stretch marks.

Show your skin some love with Gel-V.

Give your skin cells something to smile about

Strike a (yoga) pose

Surely only high intensity, sweat-pouring, fat-burning exercise is going to free you from flabby skin? Wrong! Feeling the burn sure makes you proud when you throw your gym bag down at the end of the day, but there are more relaxing ways to tone the body.

Yoga helps you condition and strengthen your body gradually, working every muscle, joint, and limb. Downward dog alone engages your butt, deltoids, hamstrings, lats, triceps, quads...we could go on!

Make it as easy as getting dressed in the morning

We’ll never lie to you - there’s no quick, instant, or easy way to get your dream body. BUT you can speed things up and make it a little easier!

The V-Vest® Waist and Back Trimmer lifts your chest, supports your back, smooths your entire torso, and cuts 2-3 inches from your waist INSTANTLY. You can wear it comfortably under your favourite outfit, gym clothes, or even with the most intimidating bodycon dress! Get a gorgeous silhouette in minutes. We promise it’s not too good to be true...

Get a gorgeous, instant hourglass shape with the V-Vest.

So repeat after us. What are you not going to do? Leave your lonely spaghetti straps and slinky dresses hanging in your closet. Atta girl! We’ll see you on the bike machine.

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