The holidays mean being treated to a lot of special foods that you dont see any other time of the year. Overindulging in holidaytreats can undermine your efforts to lose inches and melt away fat. Keep yourself on track with my top tips to stopholiday fat gain!


Most people simply assume that theyll gain weight over the holidays, but theres no magical loss of willpower that occurs during the season that makes you eat more. Just like the rest of the year, you have a choice about what goes in your mouth. If you have a diet and exercise plan thats working, resolve to stick with it!

If you don’t have a diet and exercise plan that is working for you, be sure to check out my V-Lifestyle Guide.

The guideprovides a nutritional plan and access to a custom web page that allows you to input details about yourself. Once you share your information it will put together a custom diet plan for you!

The holidays are actually the perfect time to begin eating right because it gives you a jump start on your New Year’s Resolutions!


The holiday season isnt the time to abandon healthy eating habits. Start each day with a good breakfast consisting of complex carbohydrates, lean protein and small amounts of healthy fats. Go for the same balance at lunch, and eat at least one large green salad during the day.

Dont skip meals with the idea of making room for a party buffet. Youll be so hungry by the time you get there that you wont be able to make wise decisions about what you eat. Seriously, I never skip means because of this!


Make leafy greens and other vegetables the main attraction of every meal, and youll discover that youre satisfied with smaller portions of rich holiday fare. The fiber in vegetables creates a lasting feeling of fullness.

Veggies are also high in nutrients, so consuming more of them ensures that youre not falling short the way you might if you loaded up on appetizers and desserts.


Eating dessert wont help you lose fat, but trying to skip Christmas cookies altogether will backfire when you encounter a plate of your favorites.

At parties, survey the dessert offerings and pick just one that youd like to have. Put it on your plate, walk away from the buffet and eat slowly, savoring each bite. Youll get more enjoyment out of the treat and feel more satisfied this way than if you attempt to forego dessert all season long.


This holiday mantra doesnt just apply to food. Getting overwhelmed by holiday shopping, party planning and keeping up with invitations can lead you to eat just because you feel stressed. Youre more likely to go for high-fat, high-sugar foods when you’re stressed.

Avoid committing to too many things, and get to bed at a reasonable hour each night. Proper sleep keeps hunger hormones in check and gives your body proper rest.

You dont have to be hard on yourself to avoid gaining fat over the holidays. Be smart about what you put on your plate and stick with your regular exercise routine, and youll see that putting on holiday pounds isnt inevitable!

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