This is how to shrink your postpartum stomach and look like one hot mamma

This is how to shrink your postpartum stomach and look like one hot mamma

People do not talk enough about how pregnancy changes your body. Pregnancy and birth can lead to changes in hormones, muscle density, pelvic floor (!), skin texture, and so much more. If you’ve ever carried a human and given birth, just know that your body is seriously impressive.

The pride and strength you feel as a mom isn’t always reflected in your body though. These changes are not always welcome and can be difficult to get used to. So don’t get used to them! Change them!

One of the biggest insecurities for a lot of moms is their postpartum stomach, which kinda looks like a kangaroo pouch. If your stomach has stretched and left you with loose skin and excess fat you really don’t want, you need these workout and weight loss tips. They’re great for beginners and experienced gym lovers too. This is how to whip your postpartum stomach into shape. You’re sweating already, right?

If you’re just getting started, up the cardio
There’s gonna be a lot of abs in this blog, but it’s not all about working your core. You’ve got to start somewhere. Consistent cardio that gets you sweaty is awesome for shedding fat and starting to shrink that kangaroo pouch. It’s also for moms at any level of fitness. If you’re a new mom, or exercise has never really been your thing before, it’s never a good idea to go straight into the HIIT workouts - you’re gonna burn out fast and potentially injure yourself. Walking, jogging, or light exercise is the best place to start and it’s surprisingly effective too.

Fight loose skin at the source
It gets much easier when you can see the results actually happening. Give your skin a workout while you’re giving your body one.

Gel-V is our clinically tested and proven formula for tightening loose skin and reducing that other postpartum skin problem we haven’t touched on yet (it’s a biggie). Stretch marks!

  • 77% of women saw a reduction in loose skin on their midsection
  • 80% of women noticed their stretch marks were lighter
  • 90% of women felt their midsection was more moisturized

Gel-V uses nature-based ingredients to tighten skin, fade the appearance of stretch marks, and transform your postpartum pouch pronto.

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Work alllllll your abdominal muscles
Basic old crunches just aren't going to cut it. They only work your outer abdominals. There are other muscles that need some attention too if you’re really gonna make a difference to your postpartum kangaroo pouch.

A good range of ab workouts should include a variety of crunches, including bicycle crunches and crunches on an exercise ball. Trust us, if you’re gonna invest in one piece of home gym equipment, make it an exercise ball. Holding your balance is a killer and it gets results. Leg raises, Russian twist, and plank will also work your abs all over, giving the entire midsection a much needed, regular workout that reduces unwanted midsection bulges.

Get a dream waistline 100% of the time with some secret shapewear
Wanna look bomb com before, during and after your workout?

The V-Body is every mom’s secret weapon, wherever she’s going and whatever she’s doing. This full body trimmer uses comfy Powernet compression fabric to cinch and shape your waist, thighs and booty. All at the same time under any outfit. And we mean any!

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Hit the gym (at home or away) as much as you can
If you really wanna reduce your post pregnancy pooch, routine is where it’s at. One workout a week is probs not going to get you the results you really wanna see. For a new mom, or even a mom who’s super experienced, this isn’t easy.

To make it easier to build a fitness routine around all the other things you’ve got to deal with, work with your baby. Use nap times, take advantage of your most enthusiastic babysitter, you can even use your baby as a dumbbell by raising and lowering them (very carefully of course). It’s not going to be easy but moms are naturally very dedicated and organized people so we know you’ve got this.

Be patient
This is the one you probably don’t want to read. Yes, it takes time to transform your postpartum pooch, it takes commitment and consistency and hard work. We don’t think you should have to wait too long to start feeling like a hot mamma though, so we’ve got just the thing.

The V-Kit Plus Training System 2.0 is the ultimate waist training and toning system. This one box is full of awesome stuff that’ll help you shrink your postpartum pooch and reach your goals.

  • Gel-V to reduce your waist, firm up skin, and fade the appearance of stretch marks.
  • V-Belt 2.0 to instantly cinch your waist by 2-3 inches for an hourglass shape.
  • V-Glove to help massage Gel-V into the deep layers of your skin and improve circulation.

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Hey hot mamma! Ready to reduce that kangaroo pouch? Follow these workout and waist-shaping tips and you’ll get closer to that smoother, slimmer silhouette every day.

Love, Vanna xoxo

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