The 24/7 hot bod guide: How to look and feel gorgeous morning, noon, and night

The 24/7 hot bod guide: How to look and feel gorgeous morning, noon, and night

Self care is a full-time job. Say it louder for the people in the back! 

If you want to look and feel as gorgeous as you know you are, it’s essential to look after yourself from head to toe and be consistent. We’ve put together the ul-ti-mate daily routine for a hot body, toned skin, and bags full of self-esteem. 

Let’s get into it!

Rise and shine! Start your day right

Some of us are morning people. Some of us...well, aren’t. No judgement here, girl. These three morning routine essentials will get you off to the best start every single day. You’re worth it. (You can thank us later!)

Tighten and tone your skin post-shower
We’ve got a little somethin’ somethin’ that’s going to make your day feel a whole lot more productive. Gel-V is a nature-based body firming and stretch mark appearance reducing gel that’s CLINICALLY PROVEN to tighten up sagging skin and heal stretch marks. 80% of women love how much it fades their stretch marks.

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Energy! Stat! 

Make your first morning drink a reeeeally good one. We all love a smoothie, but do we love chopping up all the ingredients and trying to find ways to make it a less gross-looking shade of brown? No we do not. V-Tox is easy, delicious, and full of fruits and veggies. It’s got enough get-up-and-go in it to keep you feeling awesome all day, feel fuller faster, and support your overall health and strength. We’re talking ZERO fat and just 40 calories a serving. Hold the latte! You want a tall glass of this.

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Breakfast with a side of fat burner

How do you like your eggs in the morning? We like ours with Trim-V. This nootropic powered fat burner will zap your cravings, give you tons of pre-workout energy, and even improve your metabolism and promote fat loss. It’s as easy as popping a couple of capsules with your turkey bacon omelette. 

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Style it out

Your current BFF just got competition. The V-Belt Waist Trainer will instantly zap 2-3 inches from your waist and contour your silhouette under any outfit. Whether you’re pulling on yoga pants or an uber professional business suit in the morning, this will make sure your waist is looking snatched. 

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Time to werk! Beat the afternoon slump

After nearly a full day of working, errands, or being mom of the year, you’re ready for a pick-me-up. These products will help you make the rest of the day count.

Block those carbs

Time for lunch! It’s super easy to grab a huge sandwich or some empty calories, but that moment of joy can easily turn into the worst afternoon lethargy evs. Take Carb Crusher 30 minutes before lunch and it will crush those carbs immediately. This powerful product is scientifically formulated to fight multiple carbohydrate and fat metabolism pathways, effectively stopping the fat storage process from the moment you eat. This is not a drill! 

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Amp up your workout

Missing the gym in lockdown times? We hear you. Quarantine has given us a great opportunity to workout in a way that really works for us, whether that’s at home or in a nicely socially distanced outdoor space. Wherever you’re lunging, squatting, and stretching, make it count. V-Sweat is a wrap around belt that amps up the body’s thermogenic process when you’re working out and enhances your results. We’ve got ‘em for your arms and thighs too. That 60-minute workout just got waaaay more satisfying.

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Get some zzzs. It’s all about the nighttime prep

It’s been a day. Time to unwind before bed. This is how to create a luxury spa moment at home and give your skin everything it needs to regenerate for tomorrow.

Renew and replenish those skin cells

The day is done - this is your time. You’ve got a hot steamy shower, candles, and our luxurious Scru-V body scrub. This uplifting blast of green tea, apricot seeds, and coffee extract removes dead skin cells, helping your skin to renew and replenish itself. Plus, you can wake up and stimulate your deepest layers of collagen with the V-Cup therapeutic suction cup

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Your post-shower pamper

You’re not done with your skin just yet. It’s been exfoliated and stimulated, now it’s time to heat things up. V-ody Oil is a soothing body oil enriched with almond oil, rice oil, vitamin E and shea butter. These powerful natural ingredients will deeply penetrate and moisturize any tired or dry skin cells. Gel-V Hot will then swoop in to save your skin from cellulite, using caffeine to reduce the appearance of dimples on your thighs and butt. You’ll be lookin’ peachy!

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Say goodnight with V-eauty Sleep

It’s time to get those 8 hours. Who are we kidding, more like 5… The V-eauty Sleep is like the V-Belt’s dreamier cousin. Wear it under your PJs and it’ll add volume and shape to your booty, smooth and slim your thighs, and control your silhouette. Seriously, who doesn’t want to slim while they sleep???

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Now you’ve got everything you need to build a daily beauty and fitness routine that gets real results. All it takes is consistency and persistence. Make it a habit you can stick to and you’ll love the woman you see in the mirror inside and out.
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