Sweat, snack, and drink more tea! 3 ways to get your body ready for summer even if you’re late to the party!

Sweat, snack, and drink more tea! 3 ways to get your body ready for summer even if you’re late to the party!

Where’s your favorite bikini right now? That’s right, the one with the cute tie fastenings and just the right amount of cleavage. If it’s hidden away so you don’t have to look at it, you’re probably suffering from a case of SBF (Summer Body Fear).

Bikini season is getting closer, and wait - wasn’t it basically Christmas last week? The calendar is literally counting you down to summer dresses, crop tops, and swimsuits, so every missed gym session or cheat meal can feel major.

If you’re ready to don that red Baywatch swimsuit or teeny weeny bikini no matter what, we bow down. But if you feel like you’ve got a little work to do first, we’ve got you covered...

Sweat. It. Out.

Sweat is apparently weakness leaving the body (or is it fat crying…? We forget.) Sweat’s a good sign that you’re pushing your body super hard, as it’s the body’s own way of cooling down and now you can enhance your sweat sesh even more!

We’re not into quick fixes at Vanna Belt, but we ARE into speeding things up a little.

The V-Sweat Durable Wraparound Belt safely amps up the body’s thermogenic process F A S T E R. Wear it during moderate to intense exercise (HIIT, tough cardio, or some intensive weight training) and the beach will be scared of YOU.

Get there faster with the V-Sweat

Carry snacks like it’s Armageddon!

If your life and work schedule is always nuts, don’t get caught out by high calorie convenience food.

Always leave the house with granola bars, fruit, and high protein snacks. If you don’t, you’ll leave yourself wide open to temptation and distraction. A Starbucks trip here, an afternoon snack there....before you know it you’ve added 500 empty calories to your day.

Spill the tea

Ginger tea is going to be your new BFF. Not only is it refreshing, hydrating, super low calorie, and awesome for those summer colds we keep getting for some reason, it reduces bloating dramatically. Basically, any bad juju going on in your digestive system, ginger can help soothe it.

Ginger tea is also a diuretic. It makes you pee more, which reduces water retention throughout your body.

Bored of ginger? You can mix it up with peppermint and chamomile too.

Make sure you’re feelin’ yourself inside AND out

Let’s face it, that bikini’s not terrifying just because of a few extra pounds. It’s hard to show that much skin in public when you’re feeling self-conscious.

Stretch marks and loose skin bother many of us. Which is why Vanna created the Gel-V Body Firming & Stretch Mark Appearance Fading Gel. Its nature-based formula helps heal and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and firms and tones skin’s elasticity.

Massage Gel-V into your thighs, butt, and stomach every day. The powerful ingredients, like green tea extract and gotu kola, will get to work on those unwanted marks and blemishes.

Start getting results with Gel-V.

That bikini’s not looking so scary now huh? ;)

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