Slay the holidays: How to boost your body confidence for party season

Slay the holidays: How to boost your body confidence for party season

Hosting family dinners, going to parties, stepping out with your girls. The holidays are all about going out and celebrating. Especially after the past year and a half…

Some people can put on their party clothes without a care in the world but the holidays can be really hard if you’re body conscious or just a little bit critical about how you look. If your cute dresses are hanging in your closet untouched and all you want to do is wrap yourself up in a big coat and be invisible, you need to learn how to slay the holidays.

Don’t even think about RSVPing no to those party invites. We got you.

Stay on top of your body goals (even when the wine and snacks are flowing)

Start to go crazy when you miss a few days at the gym? It’s easy to feel like giving up when your routine is disturbed and that can lead to feeling bad about yourself and beating yourself up, which is going to do nothing for your body confidence. The holidays can throw your usual diet and workout regime into chaos.

Stick to your usual workout schedule and diet as much as you can (with plenty of room to enjoy yourself of course) during the holidays to keep that sense of self and stability. Your routine will help you feel grounded and good about yourself whatever’s going on in your work and social calendar.

Start the day right with V-Tox. This easy, delicious green juice drink will help you stay on track with your fitness all year round.

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Take some time away from social media if it’s getting too much

The holidays are a time when people’s sharing goes into overdrive (engagements, pregnancies, extravagant gifts, parties, vacations, family time etc etc). You don’t need to go completely cold turkey from your social feed, but if you dread being tagged in photos or you’re constantly comparing your body to other people’s, it might be time for a break.

Finding it hard to stop scrolling? Replace social media apps with something more productive or positive on your phone, like images that are full of good vibes or activities that give your hands something else to do.

Accentuate your shape and hide the parts you don’t love quite as much

What if we told you there’s something you can wear under any outfit (casual, super dressed up, literally anything) that will instantly reduce your waist by 2-3 inches? You’d want a piece of that, right?

The V-Belt is a comfy torso trainer that helps you achieve an INSTANT hourglass shape and work on reducing your waist long-term. It’s available in black and beige so it’ll be invisible under your holiday party outfit and stay in place all day.

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✅  Improve and straighten posture

✅  Work towards permanent results   

✅  Smooth and control curves

✅  Reduce love handles, back fat, and post-baby pooch

You can get the V-Belt AND our clinically tested and proven stretch mark reducing/loose skin tightening Gel-V in one, easy, body confidence-boosting kit.

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Swap negative self-talk for positive vibes

The more we beat ourselves up the more we start to believe it. Consistent negative comments will undermine any confidence you have. Balance it with positives or even neutral statements. Instead of my stomach is so flabby, try my stomach looks different after having kids but my butt still looks awesome in a pair of jeans.

One really simple way to flip the script is to talk to yourself like you’d talk to your best friend. You’d never tell your best friend she looked terrible! Be your own BFF - be supportive, kind, and give yourself a boost. You truly deserve it.

Feeling ready to slay the holidays? Building your confidence isn’t an overnight thing, it takes some time and practice. Try these body confidence boosting tips over the holidays, enjoy yourself, spend time with people you love, and - most importantly - show yourself some love too.

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