Kick Off the New Year with Vanna’s Top Tips

Kick Off the New Year with Vanna’s Top Tips

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, tone your physique, quit eating junk food or all of the above, Vanna’s top tips will help you finally achieve success in 2018.

5 Tips for a Healthier Year and a Healthier You!

  • Eat Out Less Often
  • It’s no secret that the reason we love eating out so much is because of how good the food tastes (at the expense of how bad it is for us). Try meal prepping at home more often and you’ll be instantly cutting down on fats, sugars, and deadly portion sizes! You’ll also save some coin which never hurts.
    • Save Drinking for the Weekends

As much as you may want that cocktail after work, by drinking it you’re secretly adding hundreds of harmful calories to your daily intake! Drink responsibly and stick to drinking on the weekends if you have to have a cocktail.

Save Drinking for the Weekends

    • Add Vegetables

Gradually adding more and more vegetables to your meals help you to eat healthier and slowly eliminate unhealthy sides like fries or chips. Over time you’ll learn to love the taste, and even more, the figure it gives you!

Add Vegetables

    • Reduce the Sugar

By cutting your sugar intake you’ll be eating drastically less calories and feeling yourself become naturally more energized over time. Whether you cut sugar by opting for alternative sweeteners or by just not stocking junk food in the house -- your healthier body will thank you!

Reduce the Sugar

    • Set Mini-Goals

Most importantly try setting mini-goals throughout the year that are attainable and less intimidating than your big goal. This will keep you motivated as you work towards living healthy for life.

Allow Trim-V to Help You Succeed

Allow Trim-V to Help You Succeed

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