Improve Energy & Speed Up Metabolism

Improve Energy & Speed Up Metabolism

Reach your summer goals, faster with these tips from Vanna


1. Eat Protein with Every Meal

Eating any type of food causes your body to go to work. It has to break down, digest and then process all of the nutrients in your meal. This process alone temporarily raises your metabolism.

Protein causes your body to work the hardest during this digestion phase and thus temporarily speeds up your metabolism more than other kinds of foods like fats and carbs.

If you want to give your metabolism the biggest temporary boost after each meal, be sure to include a lean protein like chicken, turkey or even soy.

2. Drink Cold Water (Before You Eat)

Another easy way to temporarily boost your metabolism is to drink cold water instead of room temperature water.

You body naturally wants to maintain a temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. When you drink cold water your body will burn energy in an attempt to regulate your temperature, thus helping you burn more calories at rest.

3. Take Trim-V Every Morning 


Trim-V is an all natural fat burner created by the Vanna Belt team using a unique nootropic formula. Nootropics promote fat loss by helping to boost your metabolism, improve energy and assist with better appetite control.

Trim-V user Cheri says, “Great product! More energy, less appetite, fewer cravings.”

Taking Trim-V with 8oz of cold water in the morning can give you hours of natural energy without the jittery feeling, while boosting your metabolism!

4. Incorporate Weight Lifting into Your Workouts

Muscles burn more energy than fat even when you’re at rest. That means weight lifting to strengthen your muscles will help you shed fat even when you’re not working out.

Weight lifting for 30 to 40 minutes at least twice a week will raise your resting metabolism outside of the gym. Be sure to follow @VannaBelt on Instagram for workout ideas from the Vanna Belt team and our ambassadors!

5. Don’t Cut Back on Calories Too Much

It’s easy to think if we want to shed fat and inches around our waists we should eat less. To meet weight loss goals, yes, we need to eat less but we can’t go to an extreme.

Cutting out too many calories will make your metabolism think that food is scarce and that it needs to hang on to fat for future energy needs, instead of burning that fat away right now.

Eat healthy foods and eat until you’re full but not stuffed. If you do that you’ll be getting just the right amount of food you need.

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