How to STOP bloating and weight gain before your Spring Break vacay

How to STOP bloating and weight gain before your Spring Break vacay

Spring Break! Do we all remember a time when we were school kids and we couldn’t wait to sit around in front of the tv at home or eat on our family trip?!

Wait… I think I still look forward to those same things, except now I’m at work, the one planning, and having to watch my meals before the trip!

Taking a break is awesome for your brain (and you deserve it), but it throws your gym regime and meal preparation right out the window. Spring Break doesn’t exactly scream self discipline!

Well, did you know that packing your meals in Mason Jars helps 1. PORTION CONTROL 2. IT’S A FINANCIAL GAME CHANGER!

With a Mason Jar, you can stay in (portion) control even when you’re on vacay, on a road trip, staying with family, at work,  or putting your feet up for a week straight.

Here’s some more tips to survive vacay!

Get breakfast right and you’ll be set for the day

Whoever made sugar and high fats so appealing in the mornings has a lot to answer for. Skipping breakfast, or eating something satisfying but nutritionally empty, sets you up to feel hungry waaaay before lunch.

Go for protein and slow release carbs like oats and fruit. You’ll have tons more energy and be able to go longer between meals.

Life’s too short to say no to cocktails...

Vacations can make us all a little indulgent, but that’s no bad thing. Spring break isn’t the same without it! As delicious as pizza and sugary cocktails are, it’s super easy to start feeling bloated and, frankly, unattractive after you’ve eaten.

So what even is bloating anyway? It’s gross, but bloating is caused by too much gas in your digestive system. Overeating, eating too fast, and all the most fun foods, are the worst culprits…

Vanna Belt has a little secret weapon to help you beat the bloat. With Trim-V Nootropic Powered Fat-Burner you can still enjoy yourself without overdoing it. Each capsule helps promote appetite control, fat loss, and stands up to your cravings.

Keep your waist trim with Trim-V.

Keep one healthy habit while you’re partying

Remember when we said your fitness regime goes out the window on vacay? Instead of saying sayonara to all of them, stay on track with just one. It could be a quick 30-minute daily workout or simply wearing your V-Belt underneath your outfits to instantly reduce your waistline 3 inches, make you feel full faster, and help direct loose skin into your desired silhouette.

Whatever you think you can manage alongside all that Spring Break fun. Trust us, it’s a lot harder to go back to being good when you’ve been a little bit bad bad for days on end.

Need a workout you can do anywhere? We got you, girl! The V-Bands are convenient, versatile and so lightweight you can throw them in your bag and take ‘em wherever you’re going.

With three resistance strengths and sturdy, comfy handles, you can get a great upper and lower body workout at home, outdoors, or without even leaving your hotel room.


“I’m so happy I jumped the gun and ordered these bands, I can definitely feel the burn and I love how easy it is to use.” - Violet.

No time for the gym? No problem. Get your V-Bands exclusively from Vanna Belt.


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