How to Slim Down and Firm Up  Without Plastic Surgery

How to Slim Down and Firm Up Without Plastic Surgery

Diet and exercise are the primary ways that we should slim down and firm up. Not only is eating right and exercising important for our overall health, but it’s the safest way to trim our measurements.

That being said, diet and exercise do not always do enough. If you have had a baby or lost a lot of weight you might be left with loose skin that no amount of exercise can fix.

Stretch marks and cellulite can also be long-term problems that even the fittest and healthiest women face. Vanna has talked candidly about her struggles with both despite being super fit.

Here’s what you can do if you want to slim down and firm up without plastic surgery:

1. Use Gel-V 3X Per Day


Gel-V is a topical solution that is made specifically to tighten loose skin and fade the appearance of stretch marks. It works on the belly, back, glutes, arms and legs.

Most women can use it during pregnancy to prevent or address stretch marks early on. We do recommend speaking to your doctor about your particular case first and provide the ingredients on our website.

2. Apply Gel-V Hot Before Bed


Smooth away the dimply skin that comes from cellulite by applying Gel-V Hot once per day before bed. It contains ingredients that reduce the water buildup often trapped between the layers of skin that cause the lumpy appearance on the back of your legs and glutes!

3. Wear V-Garments for Immediate Confidence


Similar to eating right and exercise, it can take a few weeks for Gel-V and Gel-V Hot to start producing results that you can see. Although many people see small improvements within the first couple of weeks. If you want to immediately trim your measurements and boost your confidence, try a V-Garment like the V-Belt, V-Vest or V-Leggings for all day tummy control.

How to Get Started 

For Loose Skin, Stretch Marks and Cellulite

If you struggle with both loose skin, stretch marks and lumpy skin from cellulite we recommend starting with the 24-Hour V-Kit which comes with Gel-V, Gel-V Hot and the V-Glove (stimulating massager to work the gels into your skin).

For instantly trimming measurements you can also purchase a V-Belt or V-Vest to hide the tummy pouch, back fat, bra bulges or similar.

For Loose Skin, Stretch Marks and Tummy Pooch

If you don’t have cellulite or you’re not concerned with addressing lumpy skin at this time, the V-Kit Plus training system has everything you need. It comes with Gel-V for loose skin and stretch marks as well as a V-Belt for hiding the tummy pooch for instant slimming action.

Good luck and be sure to send us before/after pictures to be added to our Instagram @VannaBelt with so many other women seeing results!

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