How to shrink your postpartum pouch & get your prepartum confidence back...even if you gave birth years ago!

How to shrink your postpartum pouch & get your prepartum confidence back...even if you gave birth years ago!

The miracle of birth gives you so many things. A beautiful baby you’d do anything for, a newfound maternal instinct, and...a body that looks and feels completely different. Sure, you’re impressed with your body. You’re amazed by what it’s created. But you’d kinda like that smooth, elastic stomach skin back, right? Welcome to the postpartum pouch club!

Some things about your body really have changed forever, but sagging postpartum skin doesn’t have to be one of them. Even if you gave birth months or years ago, we’ve got the E X A C T system you need to reduce, tone, and tighten. And how do we know? Our products are loved by so many moms, whether they’re brand new to the game or they’ve given birth a few times before. They love the results they see and we’re obsessed too!

Want to regain your body confidence with a system that works for so many other hot mommas? You bet. Keep scrolling.

First of all, when can I workout again? If you’re a new mom and your birth was pretty straightforward, you can usually exercise within a few weeks. If your birth was more complicated or you didn’t do much exercise before your pregnancy, it might be a little longer before it’s safe to break a sweat again.

Your doctor is THE person to ask. Make sure they give you the okay before you start queueing up your workout playlist. It’s also important to start gentle and work your way upto more intense workouts when you feel ready.

Gel-V is clinically proven to tighten skin and heal stretch marks

Your postpartum prayers have been answered. Gel-V is clinically tested and proven to work, healing stretch marks, targeting and reducing loose skin, and firming and toning it. You can use it on your postpartum pouch AND butt and thighs. Wherever on your body needs a little lift.

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These are the postpartum pouch shrinking exercises YOU need

Time to sweat it out. This is the workout you need to start shrinking and tightening. Thank us later, girl!

Don’t neglect cardio

Your abdominals are important but we’ll come to those guys later. What you also need is a solid cardio routine to get your heart rate up, your sweat pouring, and fat burnt. This is because baby weight hangs around for a lot of moms, even years after birth, and losing that is essential. Otherwise you’re not gonna see all the hard work you do on your abs!

Pretty much any cardio that works for you is great. Running, cycling, your fave YouTube dance workout, whatever!

Drop 2-3 inches from your waist INSTANTLY with V-Belt

Your postpartum BFF is here. This is comfy, contoured shapewear that gives you a gorgeous silhouette under even the most form fitting clothes. It firms and trims 2-3 inches right away AND trains your waist as you wear it.

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A recent study shows abdominal exercises WORK

It’s a small study, but it’s awesome news. Do a series of ab-focused workouts 2-3 times a week (or more if you’re really feeling it) including:

  • Pelvic tilt and bridge. Nice and easy but so so impactful. You can usually do this one quite soon after birth too (if your doctor says yes!)
  • Scissor kicks. Lowering and lifting your legs will engage every ab muscle.
  • Plank. One of the most feared and hated positions. Such in your stomach. Tighten every muscle. When you get good at it you can try a side plank.
  • Crunches. For a little extra, hold for a few counts when your abs are most engaged.

What’s your fridge packin’?

Here’s the part where we tell you it’s celery sticks and brown rice forever, right? We’re not that mean!

Your diet needs to include variety and nutrition more than anything. That means complex carbs instead of processed bread and pasta. LOTS of fruit and vegetables. Grains, beans, lentils, healthy yogurt, protein-rich lean meats, fish, and low-cal snacks.

The hard part is those awkward moments between meals when you’re feeling in need of a pick-me-up. If you’ve got healthy choices ready to go that keep you fuller for longer, you’ll be golden when the munchies hit.

5x fruits & veggies in ONE DRINK

One powder = healthy fruit and veg, fiber, better digestion, fuller for longer. V-Tox literally does it all and it’s perfect for busy moms who need a fast way to feel great.

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Whether you’re a new mom, or you’ve been looking at your sagging skin for a while wondering what to do about it, we think you’re awesome. Your body grew a whole human and that makes you a superwoman in our eyes. Remember, your postpartum fitness journey is YOURS. We can’t wait to see your results 💖

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