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How To Pick Best V-Belt Waist Trainer For You

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How To Pick Best V-Belt Waist Trainer For You

Hey guys, I wanted today to explain each and every one of the garments that I carry in my line because I want you guys to understand and choose which one fits you best according to the benefits that each one of them provides. They’re very similar but at the same time they're very different and they target different trouble areas. So I want to go through each one of them.
• The first one that we're going to talk about is V-belt; this is our main first belt, the one that we started out with, this is eleven to twelve inches long. So what you have to do is always measure from the bottom of your breast to your pelvic area. That's the first measurement that you need to take in order to choose between V-belt, V-belt 2.0 or V-Vest because according to the length of your torso, you choose which belt is best for you. For example I am 5.3’’, I'm very short, so I go with the V-belt short, that's the one that I have on right now. It has fifteen hooks and snatches from the top all the way to the bottom and this is for petite to normal average torsos.
• Then we have the V-belt 2.0 which is the same as the V-belt, it has the same benefits and helps trim your waist, mold your torso but this is for women with longer torsos. So if you compare side by side a V-belt versus a V-belt 2.0, you're going to see that they're exactly the same but just a little bit longer V-belt 2.0. So this is if you: 
For example, the V-belt which is the shorter one, this one I recommended to work out for people that want to use it like to run errands, to use it throughout the day, I use it from 10am to 6-7pm every day and then V-belt 2.0 is if you're a woman with a longer torso that wants to do the same thing, work out, then run errands, everything. Trim your waist, mold your torso, increase your body temperature while you work out. It helps you to feel fuller faster while you're eating and then if you have or if your trouble areas are mostly your back, I suggest the V-Vest. The V-Vest is exactly the same as V-belt 2.0 in regards to length, but it also covers your back like a tank top. So if you guys have a wide back, if you have bra bulges, if you have a little back fat, this is the belt that fits you best.
Also, if you guys have love handles, baby pouch, kangaroo pouch, dreaded pouch, anything beyond this point, I would suggest V-belt 2.0 or the V-Vest because this one(V-belt short) is a little bit too short, so if you have for example love handles or you have a dreaded pouch and you pick this one(V-belt short), what you're going to do is actually emphasize more on that dent. So I wouldn't suggest a V-belt short for you guys. Then we have the V-body, the V-body has the same structure as the rest of the belts because it covers the same midsection area but it has these two straps that are removable plus it has all the lower body.
A lot of people have saddlebags, who have wide thighs, they want compression on their thighs, they want to decrease the size of their thighs, this is the one that I suggest for you guys. As well as after-post pregnancy, I definitely suggest at least the first two months to use V-body, why? Because it covers your whole entire body, it gives the most coverage of all our belts, so this is the perfect one for you. Plus it has butt lifting technology, what does this do? It lifts up your booty, so you can wear it under any dress, under jeans and you're going to look like you have a perkier booty and for those that are wondering how you go to the bathroom? It has an opening on the bottom so you can easily just go to the bathroom, pull your panties down, go to the bathroom and that's it.
• Then after creating these four lines of Garments, we came up with leggings, these are our Vanna Belt leggings and what these leggings do, it's our normal fashionable shiny texture leggings that you use under any blouse, you use to go to happy hour, to go to work, you can use it with anything, with high heels, with tennis shoes and this has the same midsection control but it's pants. So you're going to be wearing leggings that also control your midsection and they have inside butt lifting technology. So at the same time, it's like an amazing pair of leggings that you need to have.
• And then we came out with our swimwear, this is our first swimwear and we came up with it last year. This is swim-slim, so this is to go to the pool or to go to a spa, to go to the beach and it has the same midsection control, that's where you're going to see it, how it looks in the front and then in the back, it is scrunchy. So this helps your butt also look a little bit more perky. 
• And then our V-Kit Plus, it includes a gel, a V-glove and then your choice of V-belt or V-belt 2.0. So this is an amazing kit that you can find also on my website and it's a combination of our three most best selling products. 
• And then we have, this is our 24 hour reducing system and includes Gel-V, Gel-V Hot and our V-glove. This one is for skin concerns, so this is what you would use if you would have stretch marks, loose skin, cellulite, if you want to lose inches off your waist, this in combination with any of these products is amazing. 
And I guess that's it, that's all of our waist trimming and reduction garments. Find them at Follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and if you have any comments in regards to any of my V-belts, shoot me a comment below and I'll answer them to you as soon as I can.
Thank you. Bye.