How to kick your cellulite's butt with cupping massage

How to kick your cellulite's butt with cupping massage

Cellulite sucks. Pretty much every woman on the planet has it (it’s something to do with the way our skin cells and tissues are formed differently to men’s blah blah blah) and pretty much every woman on the planet is dying to get rid of it.

So we try everything - covering it with false tan, killing ourselves on the elliptical, reading about the next super expensive laser treatment....

Well here’s something you haven’t tried and really need to. Cupping massage!

What is cupping massage?
Cupping has been used for thousands of years as a form of ancient medicine. Using vacuum pressure to stretch and relax the skin and layers of tissue underneath, it improves your circulation, rejuvenates skin, and makes it look and feel plumper and younger.

Looks like those ancient doctors and therapists really knew their stuff!

Why do I have this cellulite in the first place?
Good question! Cellulite has lots of causes. Yours could be a combination of all of these.

  • Hormones. Whether we’re post-puberty, post-birth, or post-menopause, there are tonnes of hormones buzzing around our body. This can increase cellulite production and make it look more obvious.
  • Your genes. You can’t choose ‘em! If your mom had cellulite, you’ll be more likely to have it too. Don’t blame her though, she got it from her mom.
  • A high fat and sugar diet. Fat, sugar, and carbs feed our cellulite. It loves Krispy Kreme just as much as we do…
  • Not exercising. A laid back lifestyle has been linked to more cellulite. The more active you are, the more you’ll fight it.

So how exactly does cupping help my cellulite?
Cellulite is basically fatty tissue pushing up against your skin’s connective tissue. That’s what makes it look like dimpled orange peel.

Cupping uses pressure to stretch and break up that dimpled connective tissue, improving circulation, and moving fluids and toxins out. This disturbs and minimizes the cellulite that’s been sitting there making you scared of your bikini.

The overall effect is smoother, healthier, younger skin. And all it takes is a little bit of massage.

Do I have to go to a fancy salon for cupping massage?
You totally can if you want. Cupping is increasingly popular all over the United States and there are plenty of salons and cosmetologists offering it.

Do you have to go to a professional? Absolutely not. You can do cupping massage cheaply and more regularly at home, in your bathroom, while you’re waiting for your toenails to dry, while you’re waiting for your date to show up, while you’re watching Netflix. Whenever!

Get your own cellulite-banishing cup for just $7.99!
Vanna Belt’s V-Cup is a super affordable silicone therapeutic cup you can use whenever you want. It helps stimulate collagen production, break up that pesky cellulite, improve circulation, rejuvenate tired skin, and even ease muscle pain.

You can accelerate your results even further with Gel-V Hot Reduction & Cellulite Smoother gel. Gel-V Hot. After cupping, massage Gel-V Hot into the back of your legs and booty to reduce lumpy, dimpled skin.

Time to try on that bikini! You’re gonna rock it.

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