How to Feel Confident in Cute Little Summer Outfits

How to Feel Confident in Cute Little Summer Outfits

Short shorts, tight dresses and bikinis are all staple wardrobe items for the summer, but what happens if you don’t feel 100% confident rocking those clothing items? Take a deep breathe and read on!

Order your Gel-V Hot today.


The first thing you’ll want to do is order a Gel-V Hot today if you don’t already have one. Not only does it reduce where applied, but it battles cellulite while you sleep. That means you can forget about lighting and finally wear short-shorts or mini dresses confidently.

Focus on what you’re eating.

Did you know you can safely lose 8 to 10lbs in just four weeks? That is a whole clothing size, and enough to totally boost your confidence! Choose lean meats, veggies and fruit to fuel your body throughout the day to look and feel your best.

If you struggle with eating healthy take two Trim-V capsules with your breakfast to control your appetite!


Drink water all day long.

Did you know that sometimes we think we feel hungry when we’re just thirsty? Be sure to stay hydrated and keep a water bottle with you throughout the day to keep those false hunger pangs away!

Eat regularly throughout the day.

Having just one or two big meals a day will often lead to overindulging during those meals because your hunger feels uncontrollable. Instead enjoy small meals and snacks throughout the day to better control your appetite so you can lose weight.

Drink a hot tea in the afternoon.

After lunch if you feel sleepy or like you’re still hungry try drinking a hot tea. The warm water will help you stay hydrated, curb your false hunger cues and help you feel more energized if the tea is caffeinated.

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