How to eat your way to a hot summer bod

How to eat your way to a hot summer bod

Okay, don’t let the title get you too excited. This isn’t where we tell you it’s totally fine to snack 12 hours a day if you do this secret high intensity workout. No girl.

It is a straight up fact that rock hard abs, perky butts, and toned thighs are made in the kitchen as well as in the weight room. The more you work out the more food your body needs to feed its muscles and energy levels. That’s right - if you wanna look gorge and toned and fit as all hell, you need to eat more and eat right.

Time to pimp your grocery list ⬇️⬇️⬇️

What do we want? More protein! When do we want it? Like, now!
Every time you squat, lunge, or lift something heavy, your muscles are breaking down and rebuilding themselves to be bigger and stronger. Protein helps to repair muscles faster, so it’s basically like pressing fast forward. (And who doesn’t want to do that when they’re working out!?)

Eat a protein-filled meal or snack within 30 minutes of finishing your workout. Don’t forget! The most obvi foods are chicken, turkey, and salmon, but you can also get your protein fix from eggs, Greek yoghurt, nuts and seeds, and protein powders.

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Choose good carbs
Remember when we said you need to eat more and eat right? Well - cutting carbs out totally is not gonna help you do that.

Some carbs are w a a a a y more healthy than others. Processed breads, white pasta, and starchy potatoes are in the ‘not great’ category. They’re basically just sugar, which is obviously really fun to eat but actually makes you hungrier. Wholegrains, oats, brown rice and pasta, and skin on potatoes are ay-okay. They energize your body so it can do its thing for longer.

Fruit, glorious fruit!
We could literally sing fruit’s praises all day.

It’s got nearly every vitamin in it you can imagine
Au naturel sugar
It’s low in calories
V v v little preparation required
Gorgeous colors, flavors, and smells? Check. Check. Check.

Okay, we’ll stop…

Seriously though. Your summer body-ody-ody diet needs to include a lot more fruit. Veg is super easy to add to your meals but fruit often gets left out. You can reach for fruit pretty much whenever because we digest it extremely quickly and it’s an instant energy booster. Just peel, chop, or bite straight into it and you have a guilt free snack.

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Always be prepared
If there’s been one awesome thing about quarantine, it’s that we haven’t been able to get our greedy lil hands on fast food quite as easily as before. Keep those good habits going. Meal prep! Meal prep! Meal prep!

Prepare easy, healthy snacks for when you’re gonna be at work or out of the house so you’ll never have to go to a drive-thru. (There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself like a child that’s always hungry if it works 🤣) Nuts, sliced fruit, peanut butter, and protein-rich meats you can eat cold will literally be your lifesaver between meetings and school pick-up.

The number one thing I would suggest to anyone who’s seriously committed to their body goals is this - do what works for you. Take it easy when you need to, enjoy your rest days, love the food you eat, and measure your confidence as well as your waistline. You got this! 💪

Love, Vanna xoxo

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