Get a Quarantine Summer Body! 5 tips, tricks & ideas for your home workout

Get a Quarantine Summer Body! 5 tips, tricks & ideas for your home workout

How’s your lockdown goin’ so far? Are you making it work or feeling the cabin fever? It’s normal to feel lethargic, anxious, bored, and be taking regular trips to the refrigerator. You’re not Wonder Woman! (Even if you feel pretty badass most of the time…)

If you’re not exercising regularly at home, girl 👏 it 👏 is 👏 time 👏 to 👏 start. Not only will you come out of quarantine with a strong, toned body you’re super proud of, you’ll fight off boredom, and make the most of this very weird experience we’ve found ourselves in. It’s not quite a zombie apocalypse, but you never know...

Whether you’re on first name terms with everyone at your gym, or don’t even know what a kettlebell is, this is how to get a Quarantine Bod (we might trademark that!) at home.

You ready? Let’s go.

1. AM! AM! AM!
Do your workout first thing in the morning. It’s not fun but we promise it’s a good idea.

If you’re a natural procrastinator, got a busy work day ahead, or homeschool lessons to teach, it’s very easy to put your workout off until later. But guess what! Later never comes. Before you know it you’re watching Netflix and your yoga mat is untouched. Don’t be that girl...

2. Set a routine that works for YOU
If you’re still going out to work or your kids are climbing on you from the moment you open your eyes (thanks kids!), you can’t always do your workout in the morning. Design a schedule that works for you. It could be focusing on your booty on Thursdays and Sundays or giving yourself a quick daily 30-minutes while the kids are in bed. The details don’t matter, what matters is sticking to it.

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3. Be a thrifty queen! Use what you’ve got
Unless you’re literally Khloe Kardashian (hey Khloe!) and have a full gym in your home, you need to workout with what you’ve already got. Got some stairs? Got a floor? Got a huge can of tomatoes? Congrats, you’ve got a home gym after all 😂

4. Be good to yourself
Your home workouts need to push you, not punish you. You’ve got enough to deal with right now! Make sure you get enough rest and eat enough good stuff. If you’re feeling sore or a little down, try some mood-boosting yoga instead of intensive HIIT. Know when to push yourself further and when to give yourself a break.

5. Use any safe outdoor space you can find
Those four walls are looking verrrrry familiar. Fresh air brightens your mood, but it can be hard to get outside at the moment. If you have a tiny terrace or garden, use it. If you don’t, look for a park or green space where you can work out and safely keep your distance from people. Sun, air, wind - and even rain - will give you and your workout a refreshing change of scenery.

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Quarantine is hard for everyone in different ways. Look after yourself, focus on what you need to stay active and healthy, and you’ll feel so much more positive. You’ve got this!

Love Vanna xoxo

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