The $$$ Hollywood cellulite treatment you can do in your bathroom

All the celebrities are doing X now, blah blah blah. It gets repetitive. We know! Do these exclusive, expensive beauty treatments really work, or are they just an easy way to separate rich people from their cash?

We’re not into fads at Vanna Belt - we take all these trends with a huge heap of low-sodium salt. So we investigated this Hollywood favorite before launching our own super easy (and super affordable!) version. Get the 411 on cupping right here.

What is it?

Cupping dates back to ancient cultures in Egypt, China, and the Middle East. It uses suction to improve blood flow, which can be incredible for pain, inflammation, promoting relaxation, and - you guessed it - reducing cellulite.

It’s classed as an ‘alternative’ treatment, so there haven’t been many scientific studies into it. But considering people have been cupping since around 1,550 B.C, it must be doing something right!

How does it reduce my cellulite?

Cellulite is often caused by fluid retention and poor blood circulation. The cup creates a vacuum around the skin which makes blood vessels expand and blood rush to the surface, getting it flowing and moving around. You’ve probably heard of body brushing for cellulite, right? This has a similar effect.

The pressure created by cupping feels gentle on the skin, but has a powerful effect on it, targeting fluid build-up and layers of dimpled fat. This can smooth the skin and reduce that ‘orange peel’ texture so many of us can’t wait to get rid of.


That’s not all cupping can do though!

As well as reducing cellulite, cupping can massage tight muscles, improve collagen production in the skin, and some say it’s treated their acne. Healthy blood flow helps feed the skin cells, because it’s full of oxygen. And it helps carry away free radicals, which can speed up aging.

If you’ve got a sports injury or specific pain condition, drop the cup until you’ve spoken to your doctor! It can help with pain, but check with a professional first in case they have a different recommendation. Promise!? Good.

Which celebrities are trying it?

Some huge names have talked publicly about their love of cupping, or been seen with those tell tale marks on their back, delicately peeking out of a strapless red carpet dress. (We can’t vouch for the rest of their body though, that’s usually under wraps…)

Queen of all things expensive and au naturale, Gwyneth Paltrow, was of course one of the first, followed by Jennifer Aniston, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, and Kim Kardashian, who tried a facial version.

Remember though! Some celebrities try skin treatments and post them on their Instagram story simply because they’ve been paid to promote it. They’re not always honest, and they’re not always seeing the benefits. Keep your eyes open and look for genuine results over time.

The Vanna Belt verdict

We’re into it!

Like a lot of cellulite treatments, we think cupping can be really effective when you stick with it and make it part of your beauty routine. Don’t expect overnight results, but combining it with exercise and good food can tighten skin and improve its texture.

But we don’t want you to blow your money on the expensive version. The fanciest spas in Beverly Hills are charging A LOT of money for cupping therapy, but you can get the same cellulite treatment at home for just $7.99!!!!

The V-Cup Therapeutic Suction Cup is the go-to therapy for smoothing and toning skin, stimulating collagen, promoting anti-aging, improving circulation, muscle soreness, and pain relief.

Start cupping for less with the V-Cup!

Time for a demo! Here’s how Vanna uses her V-Cup.

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