Belly bloat? No thanks! 5 ways to keep your waistline smooth

Belly bloat? No thanks! 5 ways to keep your waistline smooth

Belly bloat? No thanks! 5 ways to keep your waistline smooth

Time of the month, a huge meal, too many carbs. They can all give you a bloated stomach and make that little black dress feel way too little…

What even is belly bloat, anyway!?

Bloating is pretty annoying when you really break it down. And that’s exactly the problem too - your digestive system is having trouble breaking it down! Some foods will cause you more problems than others, but carbs and dairy are usually the worst offenders.

Belly bloat can also be caused by your period, acid reflux, IBS, eating too fast, stress, and a change to your diet.

belly bloat

Avoid your trigger foods

If your stomach is uncomfortable and inflated after processed carbs, dairy, or something else, it might be time to say goodbye. At least when you’ve got a nice outfit to get into.

Carbs give your blood an instant rush of sugar. Carbs will hang around in your stomach for a lot longer though, making you retain water and blow up like a balloon. Dairy creates more gas in the stomach and lactose can take a lot of work to digest too.

Avoid your trigger foods

Skip the soda

If you like your mealtime drinks carbonated, you’d better swap to water.

When you’ve already got too much gas in your digestive system, the last thing you want to do is add even more! The bubbles will hang around in your stomach and intestines until your digestive system takes care of it. That can take 7-8 hours, or even longer!


Slow it down and cut your portions

Eating too fast and too much is a bad combo. There’s a reason people call rushing through your lunch ‘inhaling’ your food. It lets air into your stomach, creating more gas. 

Eating too much overfills your stomach, which is suuuuper uncomfortable too. Remember! Your stomach is the same size as your fist. 

Anything that makes your digestive system work too hard is going to turn into a tight waistband. Enjoy your meals, pause between bites, and notice when you feel full.

cut your portions

Show your period who’s boss

If you’re in pain, already bloated, and feeling crappy, it’s easy to start reaching for fast food and skipping the gym. What does it matter?! We hear you.

Obviously you can’t stop your time of the month in its tracks, but exercise, good food, and plenty of sleep are even more important now than they are the rest of the month. Your body needs some love, and high-sugar, high-fat carbs are only going to make you feel more bloated.


Instantly slim, tone and tighten!

The Vanna Belt collection can keep your waistline looking trim ALL THE TIME, especially when you’ve got a teeny weeny dress to get into. You’ll feel fuller faster too!

The V-Body Full Body Trimmer holds it alllll in. Your midsection and thighs will have zero lumps and bumps, and your chest and butt get a helpful little lift for extra perkiness!

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The V-Belt Waist Trainer uses extra comfy shapewear to give you an irresistible hourglass figure. You can wear anything you want with it too! Check out how Vanna rocks hers…


Its active ingredients like menthol, centella asiatica, and green tea help sooth your stomach’s discomfort and bloating. Apply it every day twice a day and at moments when you feel bloated. You will immediately feel a change.

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