5 Steps to Follow to Achieve a Flat Stomach

5 Steps to Follow to Achieve a Flat Stomach

Do you wish you had a flat stomach or at least reduced measurements on your midsection? Vanna’s sharing her top tips today that help real women achieve smaller waists.

Step 1: Instantly Control the Midsection with V-Belt

Vanna  Instantly Control the Midsection with V-Belt

V-Belt is the original compression garment that instantly allows you to control the midsection to hide the tummy pooch, love handles and muffin top.

You can also use the V-Vest if you want to control both the midsection and back fat, or the V-Body if you want to control the midsection, back fat and flabby thighs.

Using the V-Belt, V-Vest or V-Body will instantly trim inches off your body giving you a slimmer silhouette while you start working towards permanent results.

Step 2: Apply Gel-V Daily to Tighten and Tone the Midsection


Gel-V is the #1 body firming gel that can be applied directly to the midsection to tighten and firm up loose skin.

For the fastest and best results it’s recommended to apply a tablespoon of Gel-V three times daily:

  • To clean skin in the morning when you first wake up. 
  • Before your workout. 
  • After your workout. 

We recommend massaging it in with the V-Glove which provides stimulation to the midsection, helping Gel-V penetrate the skin better, but it’s not necessary for Gel-V to work.

Step 3: Use Trim-V to Curb Cravings to Lose Weight in the Midsection


If you have extra pounds you want to lose, use Trim-V supplements to make your weight loss journey easier!

Trim-V is a nature based nootropic fat burner powerful enough to help boost your energy, increase metabolism and curb cravings, while not causing the jittery side effects of other supplements.

Just take two Trim-V capsules with a balanced breakfast in the morning and you’ll have the power of Trim-V working for you all day long!

Step 4: Start a Daily Fitness Routine that Includes Cardio and Weights

Vanna Belt Daily Fitness Routine that Includes Cardio and Weights

If you want to lose inches in the midsection and keep them off for good, you’ll need to get into a good daily fitness routine.

While it can be easy to assume you should be doing a thousand crunches a day to tighten your tummy, you really need to a balance between cardio and weights.

And no you don’t have to spend five hours a day in the gym! Try beginning by alternating cardio and weightlifting days, doing 30 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of lifting every other day.

Don’t worry about focusing specifically on the stomach as there is no concrete proof that spot reduction is possible. Instead you’ll want a routine that burns fat and increases lean muscle on the entire body.

Follow Vanna’s instagram @VannaBelt for great workout ideas from Vanna and the ambassador team!

Step 5: Share Your Before and After Pictures!

Unlike with the V-Belt, achieving permanently reduced measurements can take weeks. Don’t be discouraged, stay on track because you are in this for the long-term, long-lasting results.

We feature many before-and-after pictures of real women achieving real results on Instagram every day. Stick with your regimen and soon we’ll be featuring you!

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