5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Chocolate This Valentine’s Day!

5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Chocolate This Valentine’s Day!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? February 14th is coming around soon, and stores are filling their shelves with everything from luxury truffles to cheap and cheerful candy bars.

If you’re watching what you eat and working hard to train your body, you’ll probably be speed walking past those aisles. But wait! We’ve got 5 really good reasons why you should treat yourself and eat chocolate this Valentine’s Day, no matter who’s buying...

1. It makes you feel good!

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, a natural stimulant that boosts your mood and makes you feel pretty good. Some have compared the pleasure they get from eating chocolate to the feeling of having sex!Sounds like a perfect Valentine’s Day.

There is proper science to back this up too. A study from a university in Finland even found chocolate reduced stress in pregnant women, and correlated with happier, smiling babies. Turns out we love chocolate even before we’re born!


2. It can improve blood pressure

Flavanols are found in all kinds of different foods, including dark chocolate. The flavanols send signals to the lining of the arteries to relax, which can help blood flow more easily around the body and to the brain.

One study found “eating dark chocolate more than 5 times per week lowered the risk of heart disease by 57%”. Another study of 470 elderly men found cocoa “reduce(d) the risk of death from heart disease by a whopping 50% over a 15 year period”.

3. It stops you from snacking too much

Chocolate with 70% cocoa solids releases energy slowly. Rather than getting a surge of sweetness and crashing really quickly, your blood sugar stays fairly stable. You can satisfy your cravings, taste something delicious, and stay on track for the rest of the day.


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4. It’s full of helpful minerals

Dark chocolate contains a surprising amount of potassium and zinc, which are great for your heart, muscle health, and skin repair. There are plenty of far more boring foods you can eat to get your daily dose of potassium and zinc (like spinach and broccoli), but some rich, dark chocolate is always the more fun option!

5. It’s a day all about love. Start by loving yourself!

Most health benefits are found in dark chocolate. If you love the grown up stuff, awesome! You’re in for a really happy Valentine’s Day. If you prefer sweeter chocolate, you’re unlikely to get the same minerals and a whole lot of fat and sugar on top of it. But for one day a year, who cares!?

Whether you’ve got tons of admirers, or you prefer to choose your own gifts, Valentine’s Day is made for enjoying whatever chocolate you want.

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