5 quarantine-friendly self care ideas for people who never put themselves first (because you deserve it!)

5 quarantine-friendly self care ideas for people who never put themselves first (because you deserve it!)

Hey! It’s time to stop pushing self care down your to-do list and give yourself some love. We ladies are far too good at giving other people what they need. Meanwhile we’re feeling frazzled and going from errand to errand without even considering what makes us happy. Forget it!

The best investment you can ever make is in yourself. These self care ideas are 100% quarantine-friendly, fast, easy, and will help you feel awesome the more you do them.

Sitting comfortably? Let’s go!

1. Declutter!

You’re spending tonnes of time at home right now, so make it your palace. Clutter and mess makes your mind feel foggy and it’s super demotivating too. Y’know that important to-do list? You’re not gonna do any of it while there’s 3 months of mail hanging around the kitchen…

Feel calm and in control. Start tidying!

2. Lift weights (and your spirits)

Okay, so you might be thinking ‘self care isn’t about breaking a sweat, is it?’ Yes girl! There are so many benefits to lifting weights it’s crazy. Better cardiovascular health, better balance, better self-esteem, awesome toned arms and legs - we could go on!

No dumbbells at home? No problem. You can lift anything to get the endorphins going. Food cans, bottles of wine, your 2-year old, anything!

3. Swap caffeine and sugar for herbal tea

Hear us out before you angrily press ‘back’! You don’t have to cut out caffeine completely, but it’s important to know when another cup of coffee just isn’t going to help. When you’re feeling a little irritable, confined, or anxious, go for green and herbal teas instead of more almond lattes.

Unsweetened teas are full of antioxidants (super important in a healthy diet) and the perfect way to have a calm moment to yourself. They’re also pretty darn close to zero calories. What’s not to love?

4. Turn your bathroom into a literal spa!

You can’t get a massage or a facial right now, but you can give your skin some much needed love at home. Whatever’s troubling your skin - cellulite, dry, loose, dull - you can fight it with daily pampering, the right ingredients, and a little bit of TLC. 

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