4 Ways To Shrink Your Waist, Permanently!

4 Ways To Shrink Your Waist, Permanently!

Whether we’re inspired by Marilyn Monroe, Ashley Graham, or the Kardashians, a cinched waist never goes out of style or unnoticed. People think that getting there or keeping it is the hard part! Not with these 4 easy-to-follow tips!

Reach for the lean meat and fish

Lean protein does so many good things for us - inside and out. There are tons of studies showing it improves your metabolism, keeps you feeling fuller for longer, and distracts you from cravings. Now that’s what you call a superfood!

Eating plenty of protein is a long-term defence against that pesky belly fat. That includes eggs, lean meat, fish, seafood, legumes and nuts. You’ll be snacking on food that keeps you going for longer, and it’s way easier to control your calorie intake.

4 ways to shrink your waist, permanently

Focus on more than just your abs

Crunches, pull-ups, and sit-ups - oh my! Focusing purely on your abs in the gym doesn’t reveal your ab muscles, but reduces your overall body fat sure does!

Running, swimming, and HIIT workouts will get you working every muscle and joint you possess, burning fat and calories consistently. Lifting those weights is still important, so keep it balanced across your arms, legs, back, and shoulders, as well as those important abs. Keep this going and you’ll prevent fat from coming back in those undesirable places.

4 ways to shrink your waist, permanently

The one you don’t want to read...cut down on sugar and carbs

Those foods you love unfortunately aren’t your friend. It’s totally normal to indulge on pizza and desserts, but sugar and carbs are like glue to your belly fat.

Cutting down on carbs dramatically reduces water weight (results in a couple of days!) and is proven to help you lose weight faster and reduce your appetite. But if you do slip up once in a while, we promise we won’t tell anyone…

The Trim-V Nootropic Powered Fat-Burner can help you stay focused on your diet, even in the face of chocolate-covered temptation! Our unique nootropic formula stands up to cravings, provides a boost of natural energy, and focuses the mind pre-workout.

“This products works wonders! No jitters, no crash. Gives you energy and helps you lose weight! I LOVE IT.” Lizbeth

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Train your waist

The V-Belt waist trainer is designed for both instant and long-lasting results, creating your dream waistline.

Wear it around the house, while eating, during exercise, or underneath your clothes while running errands. It’s super comfortable, durable, and seamless even with the tightest outfits.

It shapes your silhouette to create a confidently curved, smooth waistline, and you’ll feel fuller faster while you’re eating. You can wear it underneath your clothes for an instant hourglass shape, and keep wearing it to gradually shape and reduce your waist over time.

So many women around the world have their V-Belts and are already seeing gorgeous results.

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