Ever walked past a huge, glass gym and felt intimidated by all the sweaty, fit people on treadmills? You’re totally not alone. Some people are natural born gym bunnies, but lots of us just want to get in and get out again!

Make those painful workouts count. Here are 4 awesome ways to burn more calories and tone up between gym sessions.

1. Trick your brain (and stomach too!)

Fool your stomach into thinking you’re full, and you’re on your way to losing more weight FAST. Drinking water before you eat, eating slowly, and carefully choosing how you present your meals, can make your fork a lot less active.

The bigger the plate, the more likely you are to fill it. Don’t do it to yourself, girl...  Choose a smaller plate to make portions look bigger than they actually are, and you’ll find it’s tons easier to keep your appetite in check.

2. Give your skin its own workout

Making smart healthy choices and working out are obviously essential, you’ve gotta do it. Even when you do everything right though, your skin can still look sad and tired. Childbirth, weight fluctuation, and the stresses of life don’t do a body good!

Gel-V Body Firming & Stretch Mark Appearance Fading Gel contains nature-based ingredients that firm and tone the skin, keeping it elastic and youthful. It’s perfect for moms who want to get close to their pre-baby stomach again (Oh yeah, btw, it’s totally possible).

Double up with powerful ingredients by applying Gel-V Hot Reduction & Cellulite Smoother Gel at night. Gel-V Hot is made from an essential vitamin complex, enriched with caffeine to smooth cellulite and help skin cells regenerate.

The Vanna Belt 24-Hour Firming and Reduction System includes Gel-V, Gel-V Hot, and our very nifty and relaxing V-Glove. The V-Glove stimulates and massages the skin, boosting circulation, and helping to absorb both Gel-V & Gel-V Hot into those thirsty skin cells.

3. Refresh yourself

Feeling stressed and tired is a fast track to raiding the fridge. Before you know it, you’ll be face to face with some french fries. If you don’t look after your mind and your sleep cycle, you can reverse a lot of the good work you’re doing in the gym.

Not getting enough sleep can throw off your appetite-regulating hormones, leptin and ghrelin. You can start feeling hungry at weird, inconvenient times of day (in the middle of the night, anyone?)

Stress creates cortisol too, which not only makes it harder to think straight, it can push us towards unhealthy choices. It’s like having a real-life devil on your shoulder whispering about cheesecake.

If you’re not focusing on sleep and self-care as much as diet and exercise, you’re doing it wrong. We’re literally giving you an excuse to take a bath and put on a face mask. Go do it!

4. Create your own resistance machine with V-Bands

The gym’s got all that shiny, expensive equipment, but you can achieve the same quality workout in your kitchen, bedroom, living room...pretty much anywhere!

V-Bands have three levels of challenging resistance and a sturdy door anchor, so you can get a powerful upper and lower body workout at home or even on vacay. They’re super easy to use and ultra-convenient.

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