3 Ways To Workout WITHOUT Going To The Gym

3 Ways To Workout WITHOUT Going To The Gym

Ever walked past a huge, glass gym and felt intimidated by all the sweaty, fit people on treadmills? You’re totally not alone. Some people can happily go to the gym regularly, but lots of us don’t have time, or just don’t like being there!

Here are 3 awesome ways to burn calories and tone your muscles without even setting foot in a gym.

Go outside!

Run with your favorite music, walk the dog on a mountain trail, or chase after your kids in the park. You don’t need to stare at the same wall in the gym to be active and burn fat consistently. If you make fitness part of your daily routine, it will feel like less of a chore and more like a natural part of your day.

What you do outside is completely up to you - customise your workout for whatever you have time for, or whatever fits in with your day. And you don’t have to wait for equipment to be free...

3 ways to workout WITHOUT going to the gym

The V-Belt waist trainer can maximize the effects of regular exercise, shaping your waist underneath your clothes. Carefully crafted with flexi-boning technology, it whittles the waist, sculpts the stomach, and supports your back. When you start to lose inches, you can adjust the fit to keep it in place.

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Do something you love or try something brand new

Cross trainers and weight rooms aren’t for everyone. That’s not a bad thing! Think about how you want to workout and find a class, pool, or space to do it. It could be getting some alone time in the swimming pool, finding inner peace in a yoga class, trampolining, or even getting on a balance beam for the first time. It’s never too late, girl!

It’s much harder to stay on track and achieve your body goals when you’re forcing yourself through the process. Being fit should be about enjoying yourself. If a dance studio is the key to happiness for you, go and get warmed up!

3 ways to workout WITHOUT going to the gym

Create your own resistance machine with V-Bands

The gym’s got all that shiny, expensive equipment, but you can achieve the same quality workout with a far simpler product. V-Bands have three levels of challenging resistance and a sturdy door anchor, meaning you can get a powerful upper and lower body workout at home, in the park, or while travelling.  

3 ways to workout WITHOUT going to the gym

V-Bands are available exclusively from Vanna Belt, costing just $25.99. They’re super easy to use, you can take them everywhere, and use them anywhere.

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