The Secret to The South Beach Body

You work out. You watch what you eat. And yet, stubborn problem areas, loose skin and cellulite remain. It’s enough to make you wonder; “What does it take?”

That’s why fitness enthusiast Vanna Belt created Gel-V®. This topical gel consists of active ingredients extracted from medicinal plants and natural resources to help smooth and tone the skin.

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Amazing Results

When used in conjunction with an active, healthy lifestyle, the results you achieve with Gel-V will last even after you stop using it. Here’s what you can expect:


Gel-V reduces and diminishes the appearance of cellulite by penetrating the lower layers of the skin and smoothing them. The product produces lasting results because it clears the dimples from the subcutaneous layer to the surface of the skin.

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Lose Inches

When exercise and diet fail to target extra fatty areas, Gel-V can help by simply massaging it onto the skin. Whether you are active or not, the all-natural ingredients promote the loss of inches by diminishing the fatty white cells.

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Stretch Marks & Loose Skin

Stretch marks and loose skin associated with pregnancy or weight loss can be difficult to target. Gel-V has helped thousands of women get their pre-baby body back by reducing the appearance of stretch marks and tightening loose skin.

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The South Beach Body Shop

Gel-V is an amazing product. Yet our customers achieve the most dramatic results when they combine Gel-V with the V-Belt® to help target specific areas of the body, and use the V-Glove® as an applicator. Browse our store for a variety of accessories and fun workout attire. 

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Contact Phone: (786) 366-2113
Address: 8161 NW 60th Street.
Miami, FL 33166
Hours: 9am - 6pm EST
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